Posters, Worksheets & Lesson Plans

12,000+ educators are using Makers Empire to teach Design Thinking, STEM and 21st-century learning skills to 500,000+ students.

At Makers Empire, we provide educators with everything they need to integrate 3D technology effectively and efficiently for improved student engagement and performance. So enjoy this selection of useful posters, worksheets, workbooks and sample lesson plans with our compliments. Posters and worksheets are available in both Australian and American paper sizes.

Classroom & Makerspace Posters

Design Thinking Poster

Makers Empire Design Thinking poster

Quick Guide Poster

Makers Empire Quick Guide poster

Be a Maker Poster

Makers Empire Be a maker poster

Worksheets for Students

Design Thinking Cycle Workbook (6 pages)

Design Thinking Cycle Worksheet (1-Page)

Sample Lesson Plans and Lesson Ideas

Colourful Bubbles – for Grades K-1

10 Quick 3D Lesson Ideas about Science