Managed Projects for Makers Empire Customers

A managed term project is designed to be delivered to groups of Makers Empire school customers from all over the world to maximise learning opportunities and provide scaffolding and support for teachers. Over the course of a term, teachers will explore a specific Challenge Course with students aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Managed term projects are free of charge for all Makers Empire customers as they are included in the cost of an annual subscription to Makers Empire. Not yet a Makers Empire school customer? Check out our managed term pilots for groups of schools. 

Teachers in a managed term project will:

  • Understand how to use 3D technology to plan, teach and assess Design & Technology and Engineering curriculum for K-8 students.
  • Receive access to a new Challenge Course for the course of the program (one term).
  • Each Challenge Course provides a complete design program for students. Challenge courses are carefully aligned to Australian curriculum outcomes, centred around a theme and designed to take 4-10 weeks to complete. For example, teachers might have students work through a Challenge Course for one lesson per week over a term. Over that term, students will address all aspects of the Design & Technologies curriculum without needing to do any extra planning.
  • Each Challenge Course contains four different activities: 1) videos: ; 2) quizzes; 3) pro-training tutorials; and 4) design challenges.

Do You Meet Project Criteria?

Are you:

  1. A Makers Empire school customer?
  2. Keen to make the most of your Makers Empire subscription?
  3. Looking to introduce 3D design and 3D printing to new or existing teachers at your school?
  4. Keen to learn how to cover Design & Technology curriculum?
  5. Wanting teachers to buddy up to support each other’s learning?
  6. Keen to re-inspire yourself and your teaching colleagues?

Timetable for Managed Term Projects

Makers Empire will run four group projects a year, corresponding with the Australian school terms. Each term will be focused on a particular challenge course:  

Sustainable Communities

Late April – June, 2022

How can we use the world’s resources in more sustainable ways in our everyday lives? Students will learn about ways to help reduce waste by reusing and recycling. This course aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and #12 Responsible Consumption and Production.

Oceans of Trash

August – September, 2022

How can we can help protect the many aquatic species that live in our oceans? Students will develop an understanding of animal habitats and ecosystems and learn about the impact that pollution and plastics have upon these. This challenge course aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal #14 Life Below Water.

Make a Difference

October – December, 2022

How can we design products that help others? Students will learn about social enterprise and use Makers Empire to design a product that can be sold to support those in need. This challenge course aligns with multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as any additional goals that students’ specific projects align to.

Natural Disasters

January – March, 2023

How can we prepare for and respond to problems caused by natural disasters such as bushfires, earthquakes, floods and volcanoes? Students will develop an understanding about different types of natural disasters and create designs to help. This course aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal #13 Climate Action.

Commitment Required, Inclusions and Costs



  1. A class or classes of K-8 students to  participate in the project.
  2.  Devices, laptops or desktop computers that students can use to complete the Challenge Courses. The Makers Empire app will need to be installed on these devices. 
  3. A computer to access the Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard (browser based).
  4. Allocated teacher time to participate fully in the project. Teachers will need to allow approximately 1-2 hours a week for a term.


  1. Access to a specific Challenge Course – watch example video above – for the duration of the project. 
  2.  Expert training and guidance from our learning team, and responsive help and technical support from our customer success team.
  3.  Project report to share with your stakeholders.


  • $0 for existing school customers.

Stages in a Managed Term Project for Schools


  1. You register your interest to join a project below.
  2. We’ll be in touch with you to discuss your completed registration and clarify any points.


  1. The project begin with a webinar for teachers.
  2. Teachers and school support staff are supported to install Makers Empire on school devices and get ready for the first class (if required). Teachers send a letter to parents that explains how to install Makers Empire on home devices.
  3. Teachers and students provide insight into learning behaviours and attitudes via a survey.
  4. Teachers introduce Makers Empire to students.
  5. Students being work on a challenge course
  6. Students complete a challenge course. 
  7. Makers Empire hosts an online showcase of student designs. 


  1. Teachers and students provide insight into learning behaviours and attitudes via a survey.
  2. We create a project report that includes:
    1. What happened, what worked well, what could be improved and recommendations
    2. Survey report showing the impact on learning behaviours and attitudes
    3. Recommended implementation plan
  3. You share the report internally, discuss it with your stakeholders and agree next steps.

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