Discover Makers Empire's Built-In Features, Tools and Resources

Makers Empire offers teachers a variety of in-built tools, features and resources to help make planning, teaching and assessing student work easier. Plan your whole class, term, semester or year around different activities to engage your students, cover required curriculum and align with specific learning areas. 

In-App: 40+ Basic, Pro & Video Tutorials

The Training Lab houses helpful tutorials and videos. New users should start in either the Video Room or Basic Tutorials. Both these rooms are designed to teach users how to use the app’s tools and features. Once users are more experienced, Pro tutorials show them how to make the most of Makers Empire tools and features.

Basic tutorials show new users how to use the app and how to create simple designs in 3-6 steps via a series of bite-sized challenges. Efforts are rewarded with tokens and level ups that unlock new design items and features.

After users have completed the first few basic tutorials, the Video Room is open to them. This is where users can view step-by-step, how-to-design videos for students narrated by students. The Video Room is a great way for new students to see how designs are made before giving it a go. 

Pro Training Lab houses fully guided, step-by step tutorials that provide superior instruction, guidance and support. Designs are created in Shaper using more advanced controls and can involve up to 65 steps. 

Training lab activities are ideal for a single or double lesson as students can do them at their own pace. These activities are also ideal extension activities for students.

design missions

In-App: Unlimited Custom Design Missions

Custom Design Missions give teachers the power and flexibility to quickly add their own engaging content and design challenges to the Makers Empire 3D app. You can personalise design missions to appeal to your students’ interests, complement other areas of study, and to make learning with Makers Empire even more fun.

Teacher missions are ideal for remote or blended learning as teachers can set custom design missions in the Teacher Dashboard. The missions will then appear (remotely) in students’ devices as a notification within the Makers Empire 3D design app.

Learn more about Design Missions.

Simple design missions are ideal for a class or double-period. More complex design missions or a series of design missions can be done over a term’s worth of activities, taking between 4-10 weeks to complete. 

iPad showing Makers Empire 3D design app curriculum-aligned to mars design challenges

In-App: 10 Challenge Courses

Delivered within the Makers Empire app, Challenge Courses provide a highly engaging, complete design program for students. Each Challenge Course comprises four types of activities on a popular theme, and are aligned to international curriculum including NGSS, Australian Curriculum, International Baccalaureate, and National Curriculum (UK). 

Each course contains four activities: 

  1. Videos: we introduce information and ideas. 
  2. Quizzes: students test their knowledge and understanding in a Game Show style multiple-choice quiz.
  3. Pro-training tutorials: students are led step-by-step to design cool things and learn new skills. 
  4. Design challenges: students are given an open-ended design challenge or problem to solve.

There are currently five Challenge Courses for school customers to choose from:

  1. Mission to Mars (grades 3-4)
  2. Welcome to 3D (grades 3-6)
  3. Animal Adaptations (grades 5-6)
  4. Fabulous Fairy Tales (grades K-2)
  5.  Be a Jewellery Designer (grade 3+)

Ideal for a term’s worth of activities, taking between 4-10 weeks to complete. 


In this Challenge Course students will learn about Mars and Space Travel. They will complete six design challenges as they work through the design thinking process. They will be presented with briefs for designing a rocket, a spacecraft landing device, a space helmet, a Mars Rover, and a sleeping station. Finally, students will be challenged to design a toy or gadget that could be fun or useful on Mars. They will need to consider design criteria and constraints and evaluate their finished designs.

Learning Objectives

1. Students identify factors that impact the design of products intended for use on Mars or in space travel.
2. Students identify criteria for success and design constraints relevant to specific design briefs.
3. Students generate and compare ideas for designs that meet design criteria and constraints.
4. Students use Makers Empire’s 3D modelling tools to effectively design 3D models and prototypes.
5. Students evaluate their designs against agreed design criteria.
6. Students manage a series of steps to complete design challenges.

1: Introduction
Type: Video

2: Getting to Mars
Type: Video

3: Getting to Mars
Type: Quiz

4: Rocket shapes
Type: Pro Tutorial
Some shapes you could use to build a rocket.

5: Rocket engines
Type: Pro Tutorial
Make some simple rocket engines to get you started.

6: Build your Rocketship!
Type: Design Challenge
Design your own rocket. Make sure it is powerful enough to escape the pull of Earth’s gravity.

7: Landing on Mars
Type: Video

8: Spacecraft
Type: Pro Tutorial
Some spacecraft with heat shields to carry a rover down to the surface.

9: It’s time to land
Type: Design Challenge
Design something to help you land your spacecraft on Mars. It could be a parachute, some airbags, or a jetpack.

10: Suit up
Type: Video

11: Space backpacks
Type: Pro Tutorial
A few different backpacks you could take to space.

12: Build your own spacesuit
Type: Design Challenge
Design a space helmet with your own special flair. You can design the rest of the spacesuit too.

13: Exploring Mars
Type: Video

14: Rover wheels
Type: Pro Tutorial
Some simple wheel ideas for your space rover.

15: Rover cameras
Type: Pro Tutorial
Your rover will need cameras to see.

16: Build your space rover
Type: Design Challenge
Design your own Mars Rover and add some special features to help you explore Mars.

17: Living on a Space Station-1
Type: Video

18: Space Station QUIZ!
Type: Quiz

19: Living on a Space Station-3
Type: Design Challenge
Your sleep station is about the size of a phone booth. It is like your bedroom in space. What will you need to have in your sleep station? How will you fit everything in?

20: Mission to Mars Challenge-1
Type: Video

21: Mission to Mars Challenge-2
Type: Quiz
Test your Mars knowledge with our true or false quiz.

22: Mission to Mars Challenge-3
Type: Design Challenge
Remember everything you have learned about Mars and Space Travel and design a toy or gadget that will be fun or useful to take with you.

23: End Mission

In-App: 365+ Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are in-app challenges related to international holidays, iconic celebrations and noteworthy trailblazers, as well as challenges designed to stretch students’ problem solving skills in specific subjects across the curriculum. Download the monthly planner in the Teacher Dashboard to plan your  year’s activities.

Daily challenges are ideal for remote or blended learning as they are a self-contained activity delivered within the Makers Empire 3D app. 

Learn more about Daily Challenges. 

Ideal for a single or double lesson. These activities are also ideal extension activities for students.

In-App: 12 Monthly Competitions

Makers Empire runs a Design Thinking competition in the app every month around a particular problem or need. Students can test their problem-solving and design skills against a global community – competitions attract up to 24,000 entries! You can also browse the competitions page for other great lesson ideas. 

Competitions are ideal for remote or blended learning as they are a self-contained activity delivered within the Makers Empire 3D app. 

Learn more about design competitions. 

Ideal for a single or double lesson. These activities are also ideal extension activities for students.

Teacher Dashboard: 150+ Lesson Plans

Makers Empire’s Lesson Plan Library within the Teacher Dashboard contains 150+ curriculum-aligned lesson plans created by the Makers Empire learning team and teachers within the global Makers Empire community. You can search lesson plans by language, grade, subject, international curriculum/standards and themes to suit your learning needs. 

All lesson plans are aligned to the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, National Curriculum (UK), International Baccalaureate, The Australian Curriculum, the NSW Curriculum and the Victorian Curriculum.

Some teachers like to follow lesson plans in a methodical, step-by-step manner while others like to use  them as part of their preparation but often improvise during class. Whatever your preferred method, we encourage you to use the Makers Empire library as a rich learning resource.

Learn more about Makers Empire’s lesson plan library.

Ideal for a term’s worth of activities, taking between 4-10 weeks to complete.