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Makers Empire 3D is the world’s most fun, easy to use 3D design app created specifically for students in grades K-6. Makers Empire is loved by 1.9 million students in 40+ countries and used to create 100,000 new 3D designs every day. Click a button below to get Makers Empire 3D for your preferred device.

Installing Makers Empire at your school? Check out our installation guide. For installation on Chromebooks, please check out this handy guide.
Wondering what’s new in this release? Check out our release notes.

Explore Makers Empire 3D Design App Features

iPad with cute 3D design avatar

Design a Unique Avatar

Users are represented in the Makers Empire world with an avatar. Avatars are a useful way to protect identities in online environments. We encourage users to be creative when designing their avatar to ensure it is unique.
iPad with a 3D design robot mech suit designed in Makers Empire 3D

Create Original Designs

Create original 3D designs to solve real-world problems, to deepen learning or just for fun! Our Shaper and Blocker design editors are super simple, yet surprisingly powerful – just add imagination.

iPad showing a 3D maze game created in Makers Empire 3D design app

Build Playable 3D Mazes

Create 3D games for friends to play. Maze Mania is about ‘hard fun’: students love the creative and challenging play while teachers love how it helps develop students’ design thinking skills and spatial abilities.

iPad showing Makers Empire 3D desin app precision control tools

Make Precise Designs

The Precision Move, Size and Rotate tools in the Shaper design module give you a powerful degree of control when you need it. With accuracy to 0.01mm you can create surprisingly detailed and precise models. 

Healthy Competition

Our monthly Design Thinking competitions are super popular and a great motivational tool. Students love testing their skills and sharing their ideas with thousands of their peers around the world. 

iPad showing a 3D model of a muscle car being downloaded as an STL file in Makers Emprie 3d design app

Download .STL Files

Makers Empire customers can download their students 3D designs made in Makers Empire as .STL files ready for printing with a 3D printer. Learn more about our complete solutions for schools

iPad showing Makers Empire 3D design app training lab tutorial area

Start in the Training Lab

The Training Lab houses helpful tutorials and videos. New user should start in either the Video Room or Basic Tutorials. Both these rooms are designed to teach users how to use the app’s tools and features.

Watch in the Video Room

The Video Room is where users can view step-by-step, how-to-design videos for students narrated by students. This is a great way for new students to see how designs are made before giving it a go. 

iPad showing Makers Empire 3D design app basic training tutorials

Begin with the Basics

Basic tutorials show new users how to use the app and how to create simple designs in 3-6 steps via a series of bite-sized challenges. Efforts are rewarded with tokens and level ups that unlock new design items and features.

iPad showing Makers Empire 3D design app pro training feature

Level Up with Pro

Pro Training Lab houses fully guided, step-by step tutorials that provide superior instruction, guidance and support. Designs are created in Shaper using more advanced controls and can involve up to 65 steps. 

Test Your Skills

Our monthly Design Thinking competitions are super popular and a great motivational tool. Students love testing their skills and sharing their ideas with thousands of their peers around the world. 

iPad showing Makers Empire 3D design app replay feature feature

See How with Replayer

Wondering how someone created an amazing design? You can replay any design created with the current version of the app. Users can play, pause, fast-forward and rewind the replay and adjust the replay speed.

iPad showing Makers Empire 3D design app Mission Maker area

Make Design Missions

Teachers and students can make their own design missions for users to play and rate. Teachers can remotely set design missions linked to topics and subjects – students receive an in-app notification with the details.

iPad showing Makers Empire 3D design app credit original creator feature

Copy and Credit

Users can make copies of designs to use as a starting point. Copies are marked with a sheep (clone) icon in the gallery. The original creator is always credited and gets their share of the spoils.

Makers Empire 3D design app on various devices

Use With Any Device

Makers Empire 3D can be used on almost any device:  iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows computers and laptops, MacBooks, & most Chromebooks. 

Quick and Easy Login

Makers Empire login options include QR code (great for young kids), username/email and password, and Google Classroom, Clever and Schoology integrations. Teachers can also upload class lists to save setting-up time.

Makers Empire 3D design app offline icon

No WiFi – No Worries

Makers Empire can be used without an internet connection making it a robust solution when internet access is limited or unreliable.  If you do lose your connection mid-design, don’t worry – your work is safe.

iPad showing Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard privacy settings

Control Privacy Settings

Privacy settings let teachers control the size of their Makers Empire community and how widely students’ designs are shared and commented on. Teachers can choose worldwide, all schools, my school or my class. 

iPad showing a Makers Empire 3D design app user profile

Use a Unique Username

Students are encouraged to use unique, non-identifiable usernames to protect their privacy within the app. Teachers may wish to include specific characters to identify students as belonging to a certain class or year. 

iPad showing Makers Empire 3D design app bedroom design and comments by users

Comment & Collaborate

Commenting allows students to give and receive feedback on designs they find in the gallery, to collaborate, and to develop positive learning relationships. Users and can delete comments on their designs if desired.

iPad showing Makers Empire 3D design app speech feature

Text-To-Speech Tool

To support younger learners and learners with mixed literacy levels, we have introduced a text-to-speech feature. When a user clicks on the audio icon next a written instruction, the corresponding section of text will be read out.

iPad showing Makers Empire 3D design app Mission to Mars quiz challenge

Use in Class and at Home

Makers Empire school users access special features and content not included in basic (free) accounts. If you use Makers Empire at school, use your same user account at home and school for the best experience. 

Explore Bite-Sized Tasks

Challenge Central hosts fun and engaging challenges for K-6 students aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Design & Technology, NSW Curriculum, Victorian Curriculum; National Curriculum for England: Design & Technology & Next Generation Science Standards: Engineering Design.

Standby for New Paths

We’ll be launching themed Challenge Paths with interactive video content, quizzes, guides, tutorials, design challenges, and assessment tools around specific topics like Space. Themed paths deliver Design and Technology curricula via an immersive and engaging learning experience. 

Set Design Missions

Teachers can make their own curriculum-aligned design missions for their students to complete. Teachers can remotely set design missions linked to specific Design & Technology curriculum to appear in their students’ devices and then assess their students’ designs against that curriculum.  

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