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Download Makers Empire 3D

Makers Empire 3D is the world’s easiest to use 3D modelling software. With Makers Empire 3D, K-8 students can start designing, exploring and sharing in minutes – no CAD or computing experience necessary!

“I have worked with several design software but Makers Empire is the easiest to use” – Casey Corn STEM Teacher, Chesnee Elementary School, South Carolina, USA

For installation on Chromebooks, please check out this handy guide.

Get started with fun challenges

Makers Empire introduces new users to 3D design through a series of fun and engaging challenges, progressing in difficulty as they journey from novice to fully fledged design guru.

The range of challenges inspires students’ creative thinking, while their efforts are rewarded with tokens and level ups that allow them to unlock new items.

“After having tried several softwares, I can say hands down that Makers Empire has been the easiest for my students in grades 3-5 to access and manipulate,”

– Christopher Burdman STEM Teacher
Joseph P Tynan Elementary School, Boston, USA

Join our global network of designers

Every day, 5,000 new designs are created using Makers Empire 3D. To put it another way, a new design is made every 16 seconds using Makers Empire 3D.

To date, student designers around the world have created over 1.9 millions designs.

“The software is easy to use and kid friendly… When we end our day I may about 20 designs that were created, but when we start the next day I see that number increase to about 50. They are even designing at home,”

Irene Barry-Philord, Teacher
Eneida M. Hartner Elementary, Miami, Florida, USA

Are your students future design champions?

Every month, Makers Empire runs a global design competition so students can compare their skills and creativity with thousands of peers. The competitions are both a lot of fun for students, and a great resource for teachers. Every competition is designed to introduce key concepts from one of Makers Empire’s 130+ lesson plans and provides opportunities for teachers to introduce a variety of curriculum points in an exciting way.

“I’ve been astounded at how much the students using (Makers Empire) have developed over the last 18 months. The kinds of design they’re doing now are very sophisticated. I give them a design brief and the extent to which they take it always surprises me. Using (Makers Empire) has really accelerated their learning.” 

– Kate Tyrwhitt R-7 Visual Arts & Student Services Teacher
St Michael’s School, South Australia, AUSTRALIA

Teach STEM subjects, design thinking and 21st century skills with Makers Empire

Makers Empire 3D software is the cornerstone of Makers Empire’s award-winning paid subscription option for schools, which delivers genuinely transformative learning outcomes.

School subscriptions include 130+ lesson plans aligned to American standards and the Australian curriculum, professional development, training and ongoing support for teachers, an implementation plan, and a Teacher’s Dashboard.

“This has been a wonderful new way to teach and motivate my students. They are so eager and excited to learn in this new way!… They are beginning to see real-life implications to what they learning to do in class and how they could develop prototypes of objects that they could develop and then produce to sell… At first, I preferred Tinkercad because I knew this software better. However, now that I have had some time to work with Makers Empire it is so much better. It does a much better job of showing you how to build and create…The overall enthusiasm towards school and learning has increased tremendously. Students who are typically reluctant learners have come to life. One student was chronically absent and has now improved his attendance. He asks me each morning if he can get on the computer!”

Robin McGinnis,Teacher
North Elementary School, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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