Makers Empire Help & Support

We know teachers lead busy lives, with countless demands on their time. So we want to help you integrate 3D printing and design into your classroom as effectively and efficiently as possible. Plus, if you encounter an issue, we want you to find a solution as quickly as possible, so you can get back to doing what you do best – teaching!

All Makers Empires school plans includes ongoing support for all teachers within a school to ensure ongoing success and minimise disruption. Our expert learning and technical teams are here to guide and support you through every step of your 3D printing journey.

“I have been delighted with the ongoing support that Luke and the Makers Empire team has provided to me and my site. Luke has been very responsive to my questions and queries and was successfully able to repair our printer. He kept me fully informed about the printer and the time line required to fix it… A wonderful engaging program, fantastic training, and outstanding ongoing support makes Makers Empire so successful!”
Jane Wetherall, Year 1/2 Teacher
Clare Primary School

Installation & Login Guide

Purchased a Makers Empire School Subscription or custom solution? We’re excited to be working with you and your school! For the best Makers Empire experience, check out the following guides:

“I have worked with several design software but Makers Empire is the easiest to use.”
Casey Corn, STEM Teacher
Chesnee Elementary School

Makers Empire 3D Software and Teacher Dashboard Support

If you encounter an issue when using Makers Empire 3D software, we suggest the following:

“Fabulous customer service! I have been impressed with the follow-up emails and genuine desire for feedback. A big part of the design process is ‘improvement’ and Makers Empire seems to be committed to improving their product to meet the needs of educators and children. “
Jennifer Troncale, Lecturer
Jacksonville State University

3D Printer Support 

For schools that purchase 3D printing hardware as part of a bundled Makers Empire 3D solution, Makers Empire also includes:

If you encounter a 3D printer issue, we suggest the following:

“I have found Luke to be an absolute asset. I’ve needed to contact him more than I’d care to admit and he’s always very prompt in his response. If he can’t help me sort an issue over the phone, he books me for onsite support, often fitting me in the very next day. I would strongly recommend Makers Empire for any school, particularly those wanting to dip their toe in the 3D printing waters,” 
Jarad Tessari, Year 6 Teacher
West Lakes Shore Primary School

Complimentary Printer Servicing

Makers Empire is happy to be able to offer its South Australian school customers our top-level of support consisting of complimentary 3D printer servicing at our North Terrace office or onsite at your school. This is in addition to our usual online and telephone support services.

Is your school 3D printer giving you trouble? Could your school 3D printers do with a service? Do you need 3D printer training, help with a technical issue or troubleshooting advice?

Simply head over to our 3D printer servicing booking page.

“I was a complete newbie with 3D printing, and have had a few issues with my printer – most as it turns out caused by me! The staff at Makers Empire have been exceptionally helpful, understanding and efficient. They have repaired my printer on a few occasions without any hassles or judgement. They have taught me how to troubleshoot, and following their videos I have become quite proficient at fixing minor problems with the extruder. Makers Empire staff fixed issues that I didn’t even realise that the printer had e.g. they replaced a broken clip on the cover – they printed and attached a new clip. Their service was friendly, efficient, economical and effective,” 

Hajnalka Molloy, Teacher-Librarian
Aberfoyle Park Primary Campus