Complimentary 3D Printer Servicing for Makers Empire's SA School Customers

Makers Empire is happy to be able to offer its SA school customers our top-level of support consisting of complimentary 3D printer servicing at our North Terrace office or onsite at your school. This is in addition to our usual online and telephone support services.

Is your school 3D printer giving you trouble? Could your school 3D printers do with a service? Do you need 3D printer training, help with a technical issue or troubleshooting advice?

Our dedicated hardware specialist, Luke Tansell, is here to help. Simply book in a time for a personal site visit or to drop off your 3D printer to Makers Empire HQ using the form and link below. 

We look forward to helping you maintain your school 3D printers.

Book Your 3D Printer Service

This is a two-part booking process:

1) Complete the form at the left. You will receive a notification email that you can then print out and stick on your printer so it is labelled.

2) Book a suitable time via this booking link to either:

a) Have Luke come out to your school to service your printer; or
b) Drop off your printer(s) to Makers Empire HQ (see details below).

Both forms must be received to complete your booking. Once we have received your booking requests, you will then receive a booking confirmation from Luke.

How to Drop Off 3D Printers to Makers Empire HQ

Makers Empire HQ is at Level 3, Startup Hub, Marnirni-Apinthi Building at Stone & Chalk, Lot Fourteen on North Terrace. Unfortunately, there is no parking on North Terrace. So we suggest dropping your 3D printer off to us as per the instructions on the map below.

  1. Make sure your 3D printer is labelled (we recommend printing out your booking confirmation email and sticky taping it to your printer)
  2. Drive into the Lot Fourteen grounds via North Terrace as per the map below
  3. Park your car in a loading zone/parking bay indicated on the map below.
  4. You can transport your printer(s) yourself to the mailroom on the ground floor of the Startup Hub, Marnirni-Apinthi Building via the front entrance on North Terrace and then call the Makers Empire number — 7099 4030 — to let us know you’ve delivered your printer.
  5. Alternatively, once you’re parked at the bottom of the Startup Hub, Marnirni-Apinthi Building call the Makers Empire office number — 7099 4030 — and someone will come down and meet you with a trolley to help you transport your printer to our office.