Free Resources

At Makers Empire, we provide teachers with everything they need to cover Design & Technology curriculum and integrate 3D technology effectively and efficiently. Enjoy these useful posters, worksheets, workbooks and sample lesson plans. For videos about Makers Empire please visit Videos.

Everything you need to introduce Makers Empire to your school. To download any resource, simply click on the image.

Use this checklist to get organised and prepared for the year/term ahead with Makers Empire.


Super Quick Start Guide

We know how busy teachers are, so we’ve made it easy to start using Makers Empire and 3D design to solve real-world problems with this Super Quick Start Guide.


Makers Empire 1-Pager Introduction

Use this double-sided 1-pager to easily share a top-level understanding of Makers Empire with your colleagues and family.


Remote Learning Resources

Need design challenges and activities to help with remote learning or blended learning? Check out these design challenges.


Introduction PPT/ PDF for Teachers

Use this multi-slide PPT/PDF to introduce Makers Empire to your teachers, support staff, board, P&F committee and more. 


Back to School / Open Night PPT

Use this customisable PPT to show visitors what students are learning during tours/events. 

Showcase Student Designs PPT

Use this customisable PPT template with three eye-catching backgrounds – space, underwater and forest – to showcase student designs in all their 3D glory! 


School Newsletter - Makers Empire Introduction

Use this customisable template to introduce Makers Empire to your community.


School Newsletter - Activity Report Template

Use this customisable template to update your community about your Makers Empire activities.

Introduction Letter for Parents

Use this customisable letter to introduce Makers Empire to your students’ parents/carers so they can continue learning at home.


Makers Empire Style Guide

Download Makers Empire logos, fonts, photos, app screenshots and the official style guide for us in any of your school reports etc.


Makers Empire Press Kit

Download official Makers Empire product images and photos including teachers and students using Makers Empire in the classroom 


Free resources to help you teach effectively and efficiently with Makers Empire

Makers Empire Design Curriculum

Review strand and outcomes and how they relate to the Australian Curriculum, Common Core, NGSS, International Baccalaureate (PYP), National Curriculum (England), NSW Curriculum & Victorian Curriculum 

3D Design & Printing Assessment Rubrics

Just starting out and not sure how to assess students’ 3D designs? These helpful rubrics will help you assess all grades.

Makers Empire Daily Design Challenges and Sample Lesson Ideas

Download the Design of the Day calendar with a new design for every day of the year as well as these sample step-by-step lesson ideas lesson plans to see how Makers Empire aligns learning to international Design & Technology curriculum. 

Makers Empire offers school customers 150+ lesson plans searchable by subject, grade, theme and curriculum.

Design Thinking Worksheets

Download these step-by-step worksheets for students so that they can document their thinking and learning.

Check Before You Print Poster and Measurement Guides

Download this Check Before You Print A2 poster to remind students to check designs before printing to avoid dud 3D prints.

Download these Measurements Guides help students accurately gauge design measurements.

Makers Empire Merit Certificates

Reward student effort and achievement with an official Makers Empire merit certificate. Students (and their parents) love these.

Everything you need to decorate your classroom, makerspace or STEM room

Classroom Decoration Pack

Download these eye-catchig posters for your classroom, makerspace and/or STEM room to encourage your students in their learning.

Everything you need to support your students learning at home

COVID-19 Design Challenges

Empower students with these COVID-19 design challenges. By reframing current problems as solvable challenges, students are encouraged to think positively and constructively.

Learning at Home Course

To support teachers and families with remote learning, Makers Empire has created a free course of 90 daily design challenges. 

Father and daughter using a tablet device together at home

Zoom Backgrounds

Bring a smile to the face of your students and teaching colleagues with these Zoom backgrounds. Or why not make your own?

Guide to Installing Makers Empire

Installing Makers Empire on your school devices? Check out this easy to follow guide. 


Health & Safety and 3D Printing Guide

Our guide for educators regarding 3D printing and health and safety for schools.


Buying a 3D Printer Guide for Schools

Buying new 3D printing hardware for your school? Here’s what you need to consider including our best tips regarding usage, storage, and health and  safety. 


Top 12 Tips for School Makerspaces

Makerspaces are an awesome way to engage students in hands-on learning through making. Students love creating and problem-solving.

Best 3D Printers for American Schools

To come up with this list, we evaluated 20+ 3D printers, reviewed teacher feedback,  assessed recent reviews and spent weeks/months/years testing printers for schools.


Best 3D Printers for Australian Schools

To come up with this list, we evaluated 20+ 3D printers, reviewed teacher feedback,  assessed recent reviews and spent weeks/months/years testing printers for schools.

Overview for School Leaders

Looking for a 3D solution to engage your students, improve student performance, cover D&T curriculum and help prepare your students for future careers? 


Backed by university research and data

A growing number of research studies, teacher surveys and school case studies show the impact of Makers Empire’s  approach on learning outcomes

School Implementation Plan

Download our sample school implementation plan for an overview of the steps needed for successful implementation.


Student Safety For Schools

Learn how Makers Empire maintains a safe and positive environment for student learning in the app. 


Using Makers Empire at Home

Learn how to support your child’s learning at home with Makers Empire 3D design app – it’s FREE!

Student Safety for Parents & Carers

Learn how Makers Empire maintains a safe and positive environment for learning. 


Free Learning at Home Course Parents Guide

Remote learning is challenging. Here are 90 daily design challenges grades K-8 children can do to keep learning at home. 

Why I Want My Kids to Be Design Thinkers

Design Thinking is a powerful tool that kids can use every day to improve their lives and the lives of those around them, too.