Makers Empire For Parents & Guardians

Help your child(ren) become creators, innovators and problem-solvers so they can adapt and thrive in a dynamic world. Help them develop an innovation mindset so they are able to regroup and persist when faced with setbacks. With the right tools, resources and support, every child can make their world better.

Whether your child is new to creating, an experienced designer, a quick learner, someone who requires support, gifted, or has special needs, Makers Empire will help them learn, grow and succeed at their own skill level and at their own pace. Makers Empire’s research-backed products make it fun and easy to…


Create with a fun 3D design tool

Encourage your child’s creativity and help them develop important Design Thinking, critical thinking and problem-solving skills with Makers Empire 3D. It’s really fun – and it’s FREE to use at home! With Makers Empire, your child can start designing in 3D in minutes. Begin in the Training Lab section of the app where users can do basic tutorials, pro tutorials and watch helpful videos. Efforts are rewarded with tokens and level ups that allow users to unlock new design items and competitions within the app. Browse the Makers Empire Gallery for inspiration – students create 100,000 new designs every day – or check out the entries in this month’s global Design Thinking competition.

“I haven’t started using Makers Empire yet as my class is on summer holidays until the end of January. However, my own children have used it at their school and they love it. It’s engaging and allows them to be innovative and imaginative. I’m looking forward to using it myself when I get the chance next year in my own class.”
Kate, Elementary School Teacher

Support learning at home

Makers Empire school users have access to special features and content which are not available on basic accounts. School users can also share their creations with their teacher and classmates, get feedback from their teacher, and complete design and technology curriculum. If your young designer already uses Makers Empire at school, they can use their same user account at home and school to get the best experience – and it is still FREE for you. If they forget their login details you can simply ask their teacher for help.

“When we first started using the curriculum I thought it was going to be a huge task getting my students to learn this. But instead of teaching, I have become a facilitator. They have really taken off and are helping each other solve problems. When we end our day I may about 20 designs that were created, but when we start the next day I see that number increase to about 50. They are designing at home.”
Irene Barry-Philord, Teacher
Eneida M. Hartner Elementary, USA

Invent solutions to problems

With Makers Empire, students can devise solutions to real-life problems. They can create a design using Makers Empire software and then ask an adult to help them print it out using a 3D printer. While the virtual world in Makers Empire 3D has no limits, the practical constraints of the real world can sometimes make designing a challenge. But that’s all part of the fun! Students learn perseverance and resilience through the process of prototyping, testing and adjusting their designs. See how a 10YO invented a world-first product for diabetics or how grade 5 students helped their teacher’s toddler, who has cerebral palsy.

“The Makers Empire app is a MASSIVE value add to the learning. We could have taught children how to design an iPad stand, learn what makes a structure strong, what are strong ‘shapes’, how to keep an item balanced etc etc.”
Chris Bennie, Assistant Principal
Stirling East Primary School, Australia

Design in a safe environment

Makers Empire is committed to maintaining a protected, child-friendly environment and encouraging safe and responsible digital behaviours. Students are protected by the use of non-identifiable avatars and usernames that represent them in the Makers Empire world. When logging into Makers Empire for the first time, students are asked to agree to the Maker Promise, which reminds them to be creative, respectful and positive and outlines prohibited behaviour.  To further encourage responsible behaviour, students are asked to provide a verifiable email address to share their designs or comment on other user’s designs. 

“We hope you enjoy using Makers Empire to support your child’s design and technology learning, while helping them become aware of their digital footprints as they develop into successful, responsible, and global citizens.”
Mandi Dimitriadis, Director of Learning
Makers Empire

Help unlock your child’s potential

At Makers Empire, we believe that every student has the power to make his or her world better. We know first-hand that K-8 students are capable of extraordinary achievements given an intuitive and engaging design interface and a supportive learning environment. And we’re proud and grateful to be able to help young students gain the life skills, mindsets and dispositions necessary to thrive in the 21st-century skills. Encourage your child to watch step-by-step tutorials videos to help them level up. Check out our free resources like posters, design challenges, worksheets, and measuring guides to print out and use at home.

“…this has been a game changer in the 3D design game for our students of all ages. This is a great design and creation tool that teachers and students can use to be innovative and share ideas with a vibrant community of makers. With Makers Empire, students learn how to identify needs and opportunities and then create, prototype, test and refine designs of solutions using 3D printing.”
Craig Kemp, Head of Educational Technology
Stamford American International School, Singapore