Makers Empire For Schools

Teach elementary school students Design Thinking and STEM, and cover NGSS standards (engineering) with Makers Empire.

Whether you’re responsible for a class, year level, school, group of schools or school district, you’ll find a Makers Empire plan that’s suitable for you. 

Makers Empire’s plans for schools make it fun and easy to…

Get ready & get organized

Makers Empire’s step-by-step Getting Started guide and Professional Development course help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to confidently address curriculum demands, while engaging your students in our fun and proven program. Our powerful Class Management tools help you get set up quickly, and stay on top of your class admin.


Makers Empire’s curriculum-aligned Challenge Courses make it easy for teachers to cover Engineering Design standards whether your students are at school or learning from home.

Short on time? Engage your students with one of our 100+ quick Design Missions.

Or go a bit deeper with one of 150+ Lesson Plans.


The Makers Empire 3D app includes everything you need to engage students in Design Thinking, STEM and Engineering Design; and to help them excel:

Learn the basic tools and techniques of 3D design in the Training Lab.

Focus on design thinking skills and creative problem solving in Challenge Central.

Deliver customised content for your students with Mission Maker.

Test their skills and improve spatial awareness in the super-fun Maze Mania area.


Makers Empire makes it easy to monitor, assess and reward your students.

Class Progress reports give you a quick overview of how each student in your class in progressing through Challenge Central, and makes it easy identify which students need more support and which are ready for the next challenge!

Our View and Assess tool helps you efficiently filter through hundreds or thousands of designs to find what you need, when you need it.

Save time with bulk assessment tools, or take a closer look and leave personalised feedback for your students.