"I want to thank you for an amazing piece of software, the children absolutely adore working on it."

Jonathan Cross, Head Coding Instructor
Ecole Francaise de Londres Jacques Prévert, London

"We recently discovered Makers Empire and introduced it to our Grade 1 students while they were learning about 3D shapes. It was quite a successful experiment and our young students responded very positively to the tool because of its user-friendliness, unlike other more complicated 3D designing tools. Since we enjoyed witnessing the collective enthusiasm, we kept it as an exploration app for Grade 4 students during our Tech Exploration Week in January. And it turned out to be exciting for that age group as well, many of whom have installed it at home and continue working on it... the best thing about Maker’s Empire is its user-friendliness... The ease with which students can independently use features like shapes, text, colour, etc. is what makes it so popular amongst students. Students are able to build skills like design thinking and spatial understanding by creating even simple things on the app... Students simply love playing around with Makers Empire. They always look forward to creating something which is appealing enough to be printed on the 3D printer. They are simply awed by the fact that something which they created using a software takes a real shape into something tangible. It’s a huge sense of achievement."

Sana Noor Primary, ICT Coordinator
Pathways School Noida, India

3dprinting with no experience? No cad modelling skills required? Anyone can create a 3dprintable design in under 5 minutes? Sounds like a dream come true and that is now reality with the release of Makers Empire 3dprinting software ... Makers Empire allows users with no experience of 3d design, to create models from scratch in a matter of minutes... The teaching resources have been written to meet both the (US) and Australian national curriculum with clear and concise lesson plans that are easy to understand and have easily achievable learning outcomes. This is the most important feature of all, it’s clear what the students will learn and it’s clear how they will learn it! Also, this app is fun! It has its own personality and gives users instant feedback when you have successfully achieved something new... Overall this app, and the teachers portal that supports the app, is truly a game changer. Every child can succeed regardless of ability and they can embark upon a 3dprinting journey of a lifetime."

Phillip Cotton, Design & Technology Teacher
United Kingdom

“As part of their science studies, our grade 5 students designed their own pulleys in Makers Empire 3D design app using mathematical shapes. By allowing students to create 3D printing designs we provide them with an authentic learning experience whilst also working with tomorrow’s advanced manufacturing technology in 3D printing.”

Rochelle D’Silva Jones, Grade 5 Teacher & Head of Primary Science
British International School, Guangzhou, China

"As a school, this has been a game changer in the 3D design game for our students of all ages. This is a great design and creation tool that teachers and students can use to be innovative and share ideas with a vibrant community of makers. With Makers Empire, students learn how to identify needs and opportunities and then create, prototype, test and refine designs of solutions using 3D printing."

Craig Kemp, Head of Educational Technology
Stamford American International School, Singapore

"Yessss! We have found the perfect application for Elementary Students to design and 3D Print on the iPad. Thank you @MakersEmpire!!

Adam Torrens, Educator
Stamford American International School, Singapore

"I’ve started preparing for the @GEAdditive 3D printer that I’m receiving by working through the tutorials on @MakersEmpire. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to use this program with my students!"

Courtney Smith, Grade 5 Teacher
South Woodside School, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Makers Empire has been a great tool for many of my students that find other CAD software difficult. Some students have difficulty visualizing in a 3D workspace; 3D modelling is great practice to build spatial sense... This is linked to a skill in our math curriculum, so it's great to give a real world application for students to practice... Originally I started with my whole class using TinkerCAD. However, when given the choice many of my students gravitated to Makers Empire. I'm not sure if they prefer using the touch screen on the tablets to manipulate their designs, the gamification, or something else, but many have been successful with it and have made some great designs! 3D printing tech lets my students see themselves as creators and how it can help others. They feel empowered by the possibilities of the technology and the leadership they are able to take in their school."

Jeff Hennigar, Grade 4/5 Teacher
BLT Senior Elementary School, Nova Scotia, Canada

"The software is fantastic! Very user friendly. The students enjoyed beginning with the challenges and it was a useful way for them to jump right in! ... The students are seeing the real life applications of math and engineering in the real world... (but) I think the best part so far has been the spatial reasoning - students are solving the problems they encounter and so I can really see some critical thinking happening."

Maria (Mimi) Brown, Program Support Teacher
St. Joseph Catholic School, Ontario, Canada

"It is important to prepare our students with a world-class education through a curriculum integrated with academic training and practical learning. Tomorrow’s international currency includes developing skills in STEAM through society transforming technology such as 3D printing. Our students develop international perspectives, creativity, and social awareness for the 21st century.”

Tammy Wang, Grade 5 & 6 Program Director
Living World Shanghai, Shanghai, China

"Our students study key concepts and discover knowledge of the world around them through an enquiry-driven approach to learning. Design and 3D printing with Makers Empire will help support our students develop important skills such as design thinking, problem solving and critical analysis.”

Elaine Whelen, Head of School
ISA International School, Guangzhou, China

"In the future 3D printing will be as simple as 2D printing... but its effect on industry will be much greater. Through designing 3D models and printing them out, students understand the importance of maintaining a balance between practicality and creativity. Makers Empire is a great app for students... and will lead to a brighter future.”

Albert Wong Computer Subject Panel Head
Lee Kau Yan Memorial School, Hong Kong

Do you use Makers Empire in your school? Share your experience and help inspire your fellow teachers!