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Makers Empire offers customised professional Design Thinking and 3D Printing learning programs for education departments, education ministries, education boards, school districts, large groups of schools, and education initiatives, tailored to suit individual needs and objectives.

Our customised solutions are designed to help elementary, primary and middle school teachers integrate design thinking by using 3D printing and design as an everyday classroom tool to improve student engagement, understanding and performance.

Through our professional learning programs, teachers learn how to use 3D and design to transform the way they teach students STEM subjects and help them develop important design thinking and 21st-century learning skills.

With multi-school programs, Makers Empire and its partners can deliver significant, systemic change and help equip K-8 students with the skills and attitudes they’ll need to not only survive but thrive in the future.

We’ve delivered 3D technology to groups of 200+ schools in Australia, America and the Middle East so we have the experience, the skills and team to deliver a successful program for you.


Makers Empire is partnering with Dubai-based education consultancy company, Ibtikar, to deliver a country-wide rollout of 3D technology into over 200 primary schools in 2019 for the United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Education (MoE). To achieve the country-wide rollout, Makers Empire will provide curriculum, 3D software (Makers Empire 3D), teacher resources, training and support to Ibtikar so the company can train MoE teachers to successfully deliver the new program. This transfer of knowledge and skills in Design Thinking and Maker pedagogy is integral to the program’s success and the MoE teachers’ professional development.

“Through this rollout of 3D technology, our students will learn to reframe needs as actionable statements and to create solutions to real-world problems. In doing so, our students will develop an important growth mindset, the skills they need to make their world better and the essential ability to persist when encountering setbacks.”
HE Eng. AbdulRahman
United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education


Makers Empire partnered again with Polar 3D and GE to deliver the GE Additive Education Program in 2018/19. Together, we are providing access to 3D technology and curriculum to 600 elementary, middle and high schools around the world. The GE Additive Education Program’s (AEP) 2018 cycle awarded 3D printing package to more than 600 primary and secondary schools in 30 countries who did not previously have access to 3D printing technology. Each package includes 3D printing hardware, software and science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) curriculum including Makers Empire.

“Through our Additive Education Program, GE aims to help build a strong pipeline of additive manufacturing skills – starting from the classroom – so that the next generation are on the front foot to take on future manufacturing opportunities,”
Wouter Van Wersch
President and CEO GE APAC


Makers Empire has partnered with the Department of Education in SA for the last three years to deliver the ‘3D Printing in Schools’ project to South Australian primary schools. In 2018, teachers from 100 primary schools across the state of South Australia will undertake Makers Empire’s Learning by Design course. In July 2018, almost 50 of the schools held a Showcase Day to exchange ideas and celebrate learning. In 2017, teachers from 50 schools in South Australia completed the earning by Design course. The pilot was run with teachers from around 20 schools in 2016.

“The DECD-Makers Empire partnership is an excellent example of businesses working with school communities to develop learning experiences that involve students in real-world problem solving and challenges them to engage with the critical and creative thinking required to be the future innovators of South Australia,”
Linda Olifent, Director of Primary Learners Department of Education and Child Development (SA)


In 2017, over 2,000 students from 88 schools in Lithuania took part in a Makers Empire 3D Design Challenge to create their own 3D maze. Students were tasked with the challenge of designing a 3D marble run style maze using Makers Empire 3D software. The top three designers won a 3D printer and a one-year subscription of Makers Empire for their school. The 2,000 students+ participating in the Design Challenge created 4,920 designs in total. Of these, 663 were considered high-quality designs – a record achievement! The mission of co-organiser, Coded Success — to provide children access to future technology — was certainly achieved with this great partnership.


In 2016, Makers Empire partnered with New York State public schools and the New York Institute of Technology’s Technology Based Learning Systems on a successful pilot to introduce its 3D printing learning program to a dozen New York State schools.

“Prior to the pilot most of our schools were struggling to understand how to integrate 3D design and printing into cross-curricula activities. The Makers Empire pilot has provided the beacon for schools to follow that are opening opportunities for students that simply were not on the table before the pilot… We were impressed that they were addressing the use of 3D printing… as a true curriculum enabling tool. We simply had not found anyone else doing the work required to create quality educational activities. The team that they have assembled has the right mix of technologists and educators to create both a platform and a curriculum that will enhance innovation, creativity and technology in our schools,”

– Professor Stan Silverman, Director New York Information Technology Based Learning Systems

Core Elements

Easy 3D software

Makers Empire 3D

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Lesson Plans

Curriculum-Aligned Lesson Plans

Challenge and inspire your students with 130+ engaging lesson ideas.

Innovative Personal Development Course

Professional Development for Teachers

Learn more about Design Thinking and Maker Pedagogy.

Easy Class Management

Easy Class Management

Spend less time managing students’ work and more time teaching!

Assess Students' Work

Built-in Assessment

Makes assessing, guiding and rewarding your students’ efforts quick and effective.

Responsive Support

Unparalleled Support

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Learning outcomes for students

Watch these inspiring videos made by teachers and students who took part in a custom professional learning course in 2017 and 2018.

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Makers Empire is designed for grade K-8 students.
Makers Empire is designed for grade K-8 students.