Makers Empire Teachers

At Makers Empire, we love sharing stories from and about our incredible teachers. We’re proud to shine a light on their experiences, challenges and successes through videos, interviews, testimonials, case studies, our ambassador program and Facebook group.

What Teachers Think of Makers Empire

Wondering what teachers using Makers Empire in the classroom think? What impact has it had on their students’ learning, engagement and performance and have there been any unexpected benefits?

Class of happy students with a teacher dressed as a superhero

Teachers Share Their Makers Empire Stories

We love learning about the ways teachers are using Makers Empire to deepen understanding, increase engagement and improve student performance. We are humbled to hear how teachers are using Makers Empire to engage not just reluctant but students with special needs and students with disabilities.

Videos Made By Schools Using Makers Empire

Learn what K-8 teachers and students think about using Makers Empire first-hand from the teachers and students themselves – all of these videos were made by schools who use Makers Empire. Watch and learn how these inspiring educators are using Makers Empire in the K-8 classroom as an everyday teaching tool with awesome results.

Become a Makers Empire Ambassador

Makers Empire’s Ambassador Program celebrates innovative and inspiring educators who are regularly using Makers Empire in engaging and creative ways in the K-8 classroom, as well as student designers using Makers Empire in exceptional ways.

Join the Makers Empire for Educators Facebook Group

Makers Empire new Educators Group is for elementary, primary and middle school teachers using Makers Empire in the classroom. Share tips and ideas, ask questions (and receive answers), inspire others with your triumphs and challenges, browse lesson ideas and 3D printing tips and more.

Learn about the research into our impact  

Makers Empire has been involved with a number of research studies in Australia and America including a 12-month university study into the impact of Makers Empire on student learning within primary makerspaces. The results showed compelling learning benefits for students and unexpected transformative behaviour from teachers.