The world's most fun & easy to use 3D design learning program

The world's most fun & easy to use 3D design learning program

Transform STEM learning with a pioneering, research-backed tool. Improve children’s spatial reasoning skills, reduce STEM anxiety, develop creative confidence and help close the STEM gender gap.

Makers Empire 3D Design App Software

Students learn, create, solve, and share, with the world’s most fun and easy to use Makers Empire 3D design app, designed for 5-13YOs. Makers Empire provides a safe environment for children to create, share and view designs with a global community. Explore the training lab, creation modules, AR tool, challenge courses, and teacher-made design missions. 

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Class, Maker & School Subscriptions

Boost STEM learning by improving spatial reasoning skills and attitudes. Our subscriptions include the Makers Empire app,  teacher dashboard, professional development, curriculum-aligned lesson plans and in-app courses, class management & assessment tools. Access managed projects, a 3D print service and 3D printer packages with support.

Industry School Programs & Edu. Outreach

Partner with Makers Empire to deliver customised education outreach programs, industry school programs, STEM programs and professional development programs to groups of 10+  schools. Engage students in a specific topic and teach them how to identify and solve related  real-world problems using Design Thinking and 3D design. 

Managed Pilots for School Districts

Pioneering, world-class STEM projects for groups of 10+ elementary and middle schools. Improve spatial reasoning skills, reduce STEM anxiety and help close the STEM gender gap. Pilots include professional development for teachers and Makers Empire’s 3D learning program, and can be tailored to suit your district’s learning goals and needs.

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Transform learning at school

Makers Empire is proven to help improve students’ spatial reasoning skills, the prime indicator for future STEM success. It also reduces STEM anxiety and helps close the gender gap in STEM learning. Makers Empire provides primary, elementary and middle school teachers with the tools, skills and resources to improve STEM learning outcomes for students, confidently teach Design & Technology curricula and engage students in authentic, real-world problem solving. In-app tutorials, daily challenges and curriculum-aligned challenge courses build students’ creative confidence and develop their Design Thinking skills. Plus, the Teacher Dashboard makes it easy to organise classes, manage designs, assign and assess work and access curriculum-aligned lesson plans, professional development, resources and training.

“This has been a wonderful new way to teach and motivate my students. They are so eager and excited to learn in this new way! They are beginning to see real-life implications to what they learning to do in class and how they could develop prototypes of objects that they could develop and then produce to sell… At first, I preferred Tinkercad because I knew this software better. However, now that I have had time to work with Makers Empire it is so much better. It does a much better job of showing you how to build and create… The overall enthusiasm towards school and learning has increased tremendously. Students who are typically reluctant learners have come to life,”
Robin McGinnis, STEM Leader
Mt. Healthy City School System

Industry School Programs and Education Outreach Programs

Deliver customised industry school programs, pioneering STEM programs and outreach programs to schools. Create sustainable and scaleable learning networks in your region, district, diocese, city, state or country with our blended professional learning programs for groups of 10+ schools. Makers Empire has delivered STEM programs and 3D technology to groups of 200+ schools in Australia, the USA and the UAE. With Makers Empire, you can engage students in STEM learning and real-world problem solving, cover Design & Technology curriculum, integrate 3D design and printing, increase teacher capacity, and improve student learning outcomes.

“This was the best PD that I have been involved in for ages. Being able to work collaboratively to plan a unit of learning based around 3D printing was excellent… This whole project has been inspiring for teachers and students in empowering students to become change-makers. Our students were so engaged and excited about solving a real world problem.”
Classroom Teacher

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Research studies in Australia and America have shown the impact of Makers Empire on student learning outcomes.

A 2022 UniSA research study (see left) revealed compelling evidence that using Makers Empire can significantly improve primary school students’ spatial reasoning skills, whilst also decreasing STEM anxiety and improving students’ attitudes feelings toward STEM.

A 2018 Macquarie University research study into primary school makerspaces also showed clear evidence that maker activities with Makers Empire significantly enhance learning and teaching outcomes for primary school students. Maker activities using 3D technology resulted in very high levels of student engagement, as well as increased levels of student confidence, particularly for less capable students. Students were observed to develop creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, inquiry capabilities, design thinking skills, collaborative skills, autonomy, literacy, numeracy, scientific understanding, technological capabilities, communication skills, reflective learning capabilities and resilience. Importantly, teacher confidence in their abilities to teach with makerspaces as well as technology significantly improved, too.  

Makers Empire’s market-leading products have been recognised with certification from Education Alliance Finland for pedagogical quality, inclusion in HundrED’s Global Collection 2022 of the world’s most impactful and scalable educator innovations and accreditation from the Educational App Store. Makers Empire has also been honoured by numerous international EdTech awards. Makers Empire is glad to have strong partnerships with state education departments, ministries and offices, school districts, corporate companies with an interest in education, statutory authorities, institutions, community organisations and trusts & foundations so we can deliver large-scale programs for systematic and sustainable change.

“Learning creative problem-solving and other transversal competencies are at the core of the Finnish education system… (so) it was great to see how Makers Empire sparks students’ creativity through hands-on learning experiences…  for teachers, it was surprisingly easy to start using the software thanks to its complete support materials for educators. We rarely see a solution that has this extensive teacher resources that also support the teacher’s professional development and knowledge of a novel topic.”
Olli Vallo, CEO, Education Alliance Finland
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“Alexis King was dubious about whether kindy kids would engage with a 3D printing project. But her doubts disappeared as she watched them designing a boat for teddy bears, testing it out, then going back to fix the design if it didn’t work. “It was amazing,” said Ms King, the deputy principal of Carlingford West Public School. “I was so surprised, and so thrilled that the skills they’ve learned in kindy have fed into that early pipeline of stem success.”

Sydney Morning Herald