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Makers Empire inspires students, empowers educators and supports schools as they embrace the learning potential of 3D design and printing.

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Our 3D lesson plans are developed by expert teachers to align with the Australian and American school curricula. They’re fun for kids, too!


    • Grade/s: 5
    • Subject/s: Science
    • Type: Lesson Plan

    In this lesson, students explore states of matter. They design an investigation to find out whether ice melting on land or melting sea ice has the most impact on sea levels.


    • Grade/s: 6
    • Subject/s: Technologies
    • Type: Lesson Plan

    In this lesson, students will learn how to design, make and sell a 3D printed product. A great exercise for students to learn about product design, prototyping, entrepreneurship and marketing.


    • Grade/s: 4, 5
    • Subject/s: Mathematics
    • Type: Lesson Plan

    In this lesson, students will review basic 2D shapes and learn about their relationship to 3D objects. They learn how these shapes make up famous landmarks such as the Louvre Pyramid in Paris.


    • Grade/s: 7
    • Subject/s: Geography
    • Type: Lesson Plan

    This unit of work is an inquiry into 'What makes a city livable? Students investigate the elements that a city needs to make it livable, using Mercer's Quality of Living Factors to inform their inquiry.

Makers Empire 3D Software

The world's easiest to use 3D modeling software. 5,000 new 3D designs created every day.


Makers Empire in schools

See how K-8 teachers and students are using Makers Empire to solve real world problems and prepare for the jobs of the future.

  • Why Groveland Elementary Switched From Tinkercad to Makers Empire 3D software

    We recently had the opportunity to chat with Colleen Small, the media specialist at Groveland Elementary in Minnesota, USA. She started using Makers Empire only a few months ago but is very happy she made the switch from Tinkercad. Compared to Tinkercad, both she and her students have found Makers Empire to be easier to...

  • 7 ways schools are teaching Design Thinking using 3D Printing

    Design thinking is a growing strategy for teaching at all levels. But what exactly is design thinking? Why is it important? Design thinking is a process for solving problems that involves asking questions, empathizing, experimenting and hands on testing. There are defined steps in the design thinking process: Empathize --> Define --> Ideate --> Prototype...

  • How Birdwood Primary School students solved a sticky problem with 3D printing

    Wondering how to use 3D printing to teach STEM subjects, design thinking and 21st century skills? Be inspired by this new interview with Bianca Laister, the Deputy Principal and Student Wellbeing Coordinator at Birdwood Primary School, a school in regional South Australia. Prior to completing Makers Empire's Learning by Design course as part of the SA...



What teachers think about Makers Empire's 3D Printing Solutions

  • “I’m sending you the very best wishes and enormous gratitude for connecting our students with your learning program. To say this purchase has been transformative might sound like an exaggeration but it’s pretty darn close to the truth."

    Mary Bongiovanni, Director of Design Thinking, Pace Academy, USA.
  • "...our staff were genuinely impressed... The Makers Empire 3D printing iPad app exceeded our expectations. The design and creative elements of this software have been carefully designed to engage children while opening up numerous educational opportunities and learning experiences."

    Stephen Corcoran, Director of Digital Learning, St Stephen’s School, AUSTRALIA
  • “Our students study key concepts and discover knowledge of the world around them through an enquiry-driven approach to learning. Design and 3D printing with Makers Empire will help support our students develop important skills such as design thinking, problem solving and critical analysis.”

    Elaine Whelen, Head of School, ISA International School. Guangzhou, CHINA.
  • "The lesson plans provide authentic learning experiences that help our teachers integrate 3D printing and encourage our students to print with a purpose... helped our teachers understand how to use the printers and program but most importantly how to thoughtfully integrate the application in the classroom."

    Dr Andrew A Taylor, Director of Technology, Byram Hills Central School, New York, USA

Reviews of Makers Empire

Experts agree: Makers Empire is leading the way!


    March 22, 2017

    ‘MAKERS EMPIRE 3D is a powerful but simple to use 3D modelling app that rewards you for creating! Level up as you design, socialise with other makers and complete daily design challenges. Unlock new design tools as you go…Makers Empire 3D is capable of incredibly detailed 3D designs yet is so simple anyone can use it! Pick a design module like BLOCKER, our feature rich voxel editor, CHARACTER, our avatar builder or SHAPER, our traditional free form 3D modelling module. ’


    February 4, 2017

    “Makers Empire understand(s) the importance of 3D printing and are determined to bring the technology to K-8 schools... 3D printing is integrated into the student’s studies with the help of a series of interactive challenges and practical lessons... Maker’s Empire is leading the way. Their app is a game changer because it makes 3D modeling accessible to even the youngest of kids. Additionally, their lesson plans guarantee that students are learning useful concepts every class."


    January 13, 2017

    “Created specifically for K-8 Schools to begin with the art of 3D modeling, this 3D printing learning program focuses on teaching by interactive challenges, alternating academic training and practical learning. Contains several tools to deepen 3D design that doesn’t require CAD, and... their learning programs includes school license and lesson plans aligned to the American and Australian curriculums.”


    December 17, 2016

    "I use Makers Empire to enhance students' ability to demonstrate understanding across a wide range of topics. As we work through different curriculum, including geometric shapes, things we're scared of, plants and insects, and engineering design challenges, students create 3D models related to the content... We use the app to create 3D products that are printed as well as those that are not, but still viewed in 3D on the iPads."


    November 23, 2014

    “3dprinting with no experience? No cad modelling skills required? Anyone can create a 3dprintable design in under 5 minutes? Sounds like a dream come true and that is now reality with the release of Makers Empire... The teaching resources have been written to meet both the (American) and Australian national curriculum with clear and concise lesson plans that are easy to understand and have easily achievable learning outcomes... truly a game changer.”


    September 28, 2014

    “There is a major need for educational resources to teach people of all ages about (3D printing). One of best resources available at the moment is Makers Empire. This is 3D design software which makes 3D printing fun and easy. It comes with a complete learning program and doesn’t require CAD, making it the ideal software for kids.”