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These introductory videos explain what teachers learn during Makers Empire’s full two-hour professional development course.

School customers gain access to the full course as part of a Makers Empire package that includes 3D design software, curriculum, resources, class management tools, student assessment tools and support. Learn more, browse packages or request a quotation.

There are many more helpful tutorials and guides to 3D printing in the Makers Empire Knowledgebase and the Makers Empire blog.  

Makers Empire customers can access 150+ curriciulum-aligned lesson plans that can be filtered by grade level, subject, curriculum and theme. Learn more about the lesson plan library or browse school solutions.

To support teachers, students and families during COVID-19, Makers Empire has created a free Learning at Home course with 90 daily design challenges for K-2, 3-4 and 5-6 students, all with example videos. Click the links below for more information, the full list of videos and the teacher and parent guides. 

Learning at Home announcement  |  Learning at Home for teachers  |  Learning at Home for parents