Makers Empire's 3D Lesson Lesson Plan Library | Design Thinking Lesson Ideas

A Rich Resource

Included in Makers Empire’s Class and School Subscriptions, Makers Empire’s Lesson Plan Library contains 150+ curriculum aligned lesson plans for teachers. It is a rich resource for teachers to fully realise the learning potential of 3D design and 3D printing to teach Design Thinking, STEM concepts and 21st-century skills.

Housed in the Makers Empire’s Teacher’s Dashboard, the Lesson Plan Library contains over 150 lesson plans created by the Makers Empire learning team and qualified classroom teachers within the global Makers Empire community.

You can search lesson plans by language, grade, standards, subject and collection, so you’ll always find a lesson plan to suit your needs.

Aligned to Standards

All lesson plans are aligned to the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science StandardsNational Curriculum (UK)International BaccalaureateThe Australian Curriculum, the NSW Curriculum and the Victorian Curriculum.

So you can feel confident that you are using Makers Empire as an authentic, everyday teaching tool to cover essential learning areas. Plus, lesson plans save you a lot of preparation time!


Differentiated Learning

Looking for a suitable lesson plan to teach a class of grade three students Design Thinking that relates to a real-life problem they’ll recognise? We have you covered!

Keen to deepen your students’ understanding of and engagement in STEM? You’re spoilt for choice!

Want to stimulate your grade seven students interest in entrepreneurship with a project involving product design and marketing? No worries!

Use it Your Way

Once you’re in the lesson plan library, simply click on your chosen lesson plan to gain access to the full lesson plan.

Some teachers like to follow lesson plans in a methodical, step-by-step manner while others like to use lesson plans as part of their preparation but often improvise during class.

Whatever your preferred method, we encourage you to use the Makers Empire library as a rich learning resource.

Try It Yourself

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