Maker Empire Teacher Dashboard

The Maker Empire Teacher Dashboard makes it easy to plan, teach and assess student work with Makers Empire against the curriculum. The Teacher Dashboard is available as part of Makers Empire’s paid solutions for schools or custom packages for school groups.

One Powerful Tool To Do It All

The Makers Empire Teacher’s Dashboard has been designed for teachers by teachers working with a team of expert programmers and user experience designers.

We know that managing multiple teachers, classes, students and all your students’ 3D designs can be challenging. So we’ve made it easy to get ready, plan, teach and assess student work all in the same place. 

You’ll enjoy teaching with 3D a lot more when managing your students’ accounts, designs and feedback is simple!

Get Ready and Get Organised

Guided On-Boarding for Teachers

We know that it can be overwhelming learning and mastering a new technology. Where should you start? What should you try first? Our Getting Started section is designed to walk you through everything you need to start becoming a confident teacher of Design Thinking with 3D Design and 3D printing. Whether it’s trying Makers Empire 3D software yourself, watching some step by step videos or preparing your first, we have it covered.

Simplified Class and Student Management

Makers Empire’s Teacher’s Dashboard makes managing multiple teacher, class and student accounts simple. In the Teacher’s Dashboard you can:

On-Demand Professional Development

This 11-part video series is designed to help teachers successfully teach Design Thinking, implement maker pedagogy and use 3D design and 3D printing as an authentic teaching tool. This series includes easy to follow instructions, real-life examples of teachers, and school-made videos and photos to help inspire your own learning. Topics covered:

  1. Teach in 3D Unit: Planning Design Tasks; Integration; & Design Thinking
  2. Lesson Plans Unit: Lesson Library; and Creating & Sharing Lesson Plans
  3. Getting the Most Out of Makers Empire Unit – Deeper Engagement; Managing 3D Printing; and Implementation.


150+ Lesson Plans

The Makers Empire Dashboard contains 150+ curriculum aligned lesson plans. aligned to the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science StandardsNational Curriculum (UK)International BaccalaureateThe Australian Curriculum, the NSW Curriculum and the  Victorian Curriculum. Looking for a particular lesson plan? You can browse lesson plans by year level, subject, theme or topic. 


In-App Challenge Courses

The Makers Empire Dashboard contains dozens of in-app Challenge Courses comprising videos, quizzes, tutorials and design challenges. Delivered via the Makers Empire 3D design app, Challenge Courses provide a complete design program for students and can be easily assessed by teachers using our built-in progress reports and assessment tools. Challenge courses are aligned to curriculum outcomes, centred around a theme and are designed to take 4-10 weeks to complete. 


Assigning and Assessing Design Missions

If you’ve never tried Design Missions before, you’ll love the ability to set design missions or projects, assignments and work for students to complete in the Makers Empire 3D design software. Teacher Missions give you the power and flexibility to quickly add your own engaging content to Makers Empire 3D. You can personalise missions to appeal to your students’ interests, complement other areas of study, and to make learning with Makers Empire even more fun!


Download Teacher Resources

At Makers Empire, we provide teachers with everything they need to cover Design & Technology curriculum and integrate 3D technology effectively and efficiently. Enjoy useful posters, worksheets, workbooks and sample lesson plans.



Makers Empire 3D App

The Makers Empire 3D app includes everything you need to teach Design Thinking, STEM and Engineering Design:

  • Learn the tools and techniques of 3D design in the Training Lab.
  • Makers Empire’s in-app, curriculum-aligned Challenge Courses make it easy for teachers to cover Design & Technology and Engineering Design standards whether your students are at school or learning from home. Choose from themed courses like Welcome to 3D, Mission to Mars, Amazing Animals, Super Sports, Oceans of Trash, Sustainable Communities and more. 
  • Focus on design thinking skills and problem solving in Challenge Central.

Download 3D Files

You can download students’ 3D designs in various formats:

  • STL is commonly used for FDM 3D printing (e.g. the type of 3D printers most schools have)
  • GLB can be used to order full-colour 3D prints and can also be used to import and present full-colour 3D files in Microsoft Powerpoint and Word
  • OBJ can be used to export full-colour 3D designs into other programs, such as professional CAD software, VR builders and game engines
  • JPG is a 2D preview image that can easily be shared via email etc.
You can also create QR codes to scan and see students’ designs in AR.


Easy Student Assessment Based on Curriculum

Makers Empire is making student assessment easier for teachers with the introduction of new assessment tools in the Makers Empire Teacher’s Dashboard to complement the existing curriculum-aligned challenges within the popular Makers Empire 3D design app. Find your students’ work faster. Give feedback, assessment and rewards to students more quickly. Spend less time on marking and more time teaching.