About Makers Empire

An Introduction

Makers Empire helps primary, elementary and middle school teachers cover Design & Technology curriculum and develop children’s creative confidence, design thinking skills and interest in STEM via 3D design tools, programs and professional development courses. 

Founded in 2013 in Adelaide, South Australia, Makers Empire creates market-leading solutions for schools, teachers, students and families. Makers Empire’s products are backed by Macquarie University research, certified by Education Alliance Finland for pedagogical quality and recommended by Common Sense Education in the USA.

The Problem

Many primary, elementary and middle school teachers find it difficult to effectively implement Design & Technology (D&T) curriculum:

  • To effectively address D&T curriculum teachers need to have a strong understanding of design thinking, and to be able to integrate contemporary technology. For many teachers, this approach is new, and just plain challenging.

  • Many teachers don’t have the time to become proficient with new technology let alone use it to teach and assess student work.

  • No single solution exists for teachers which is age-appropriate for all primary, elementary and middle school students.

Our Solution

A fun and easy to use 3D Design & Technology program to support primary, elementary and middle teachers in effectively implementing Design & Technology curriculum and help develop children’s creative confidence, design thinking skills and interest in STEM:

  • Teachers can confidently teach design thinking, integrate a contemporary technology and address curriculum demands.

  • Teachers can easily learn, plan, teach and assess against Design & Technology curriculum.

  • Accessible and engaging for all primary, elementary and middle school students and teachers

Our Products


Makers Empire 3D Software

Built specifically for 5-12 YO children for an immersive, fun and safe learning environment. Children of all skill levels are motivated to create, learn, collaborate and share. Progress and rewards are linked to effort, mastery of new skills and participation in positive interactions.


Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard

We make it easy for primary, elementary and middle school teachers with planning, class management and assessment tools. We support teachers with curriculum-aligned challenge paths and teaching resources. We empower teachers with accredited online professional development.

Learning by Design

Learning by Design Course

We provide custom professional development for school districts and education departments. We build teacher capacity to teach Design & Technology using evidence-based maker pedagogies. We support teacher understanding of design thinking in addressing curriculum outcomes.

Macquarie University research study

Evidence of Our Impact

A number of research studies in Australia and America have demonstrated the impact that Makers Empire’s approach to learning is having on learning outcomes for students. Makers Empire was also the subject of a 12-month Macquarie University research study into the use of 3D technologies in primary school makerspaces. The study showed compelling learning benefits for both students and teachers. 

Our Mission

To make fun and easy to use 3D design software to develop children’s creative confidence, design thinking skills and interest in STEM.

What is Design Thinking?

“Design Thinking is a way of thinking and working that helps us to define and solve problems. It is a non-linear, iterative and human-centred process that helps us to reframe problems as opportunities,”

Mandi Dimitriadis
Director of Learning, Makers Empire

Our Story

Makers Empire began with an idea and two friends. Over the years, that simple idea has turned into something bigger than any of us could have imagined. But how did it all begin? Learn how it all started

So much has happened over the past five years since we began Makers Empire. So we put together a timeline to celebrate key dates.

Makers Empire Today

We currently work with more than a thousand schools, 29,000+ educators and 2.6 million students in 50+ countries.

We have successfully delivered Makers Empire and 3D technology to groups of 200+ schools in Australia, the USA and the Middle East.

Our Team

We are a mix of dedicated and experienced educators, developers and business managers. Most of us are parents of school age or pre-school age children. We all believe in the power of education to transform lives. We are all passionate about making a difference.

Awards, Endorsements & Partnerships

Makers Empire’s pioneering work has been recognised by EdTech awards, partnerships with education departments, education ministries, school districts and universities, endorsements from standards authorities, grants from government and charitable trusts, and recommendations from education technology experts.