Custom Solutions for Community Organisations, Trusts & Foundations and Corporate Partners

Makers Empire offers customised professional development and courses and uniquely themed in-app challenge courses for organisations, companies, institutions, trusts and foundations, tailored to suit your education goals. 

Helping You Meet Your Goals

Are you:

  1. Needing to deliver an education program aimed at primary and middle school students?
  2. Looking to increase awareness about your organisation?
  3. Wanting an evidence-based solution?
  4. Looking for a solution that is fun and engaging for ALL students, including reluctant learners and those with special needs?
  5. Needing to be able to demonstrate the impact of your education program to your stakeholders?
  6. Keen to help students develop important skills in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and citizenship?
  7. Eager to teach students how to identify and solve real-world problems and to encourage entrepreneurial behaviours?
  8. Able to fund the development of a custom challenge course?
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Introducing Makers Empire

Founded in 2013 in Adelaide, South Australia, Makers Empire creates market-leading solutions for schools, teachers, students and families. Makers Empire’s products are backed by Macquarie University research, certified by Education Alliance Finland for pedagogical quality and recommended by Common Sense Education.

Makers Empire helps its community partners achieve their education objectives and deliver significant and measurable change within their community (and ours!). 

Makers Empire has partnered with education departments, trusts and foundations to deliver 3D technology to groups of 200+ schools in Australia, America and the Middle East. So we have the experience, skills and team to deliver a successful education program for you.


Community Partners

Examples of Community Partnerships

Community group, Bushfire Kids Connect, was looking to increase awareness of bushfire awareness and well being amongst primary aged children and to empower students to become problem solvers within their communities. So Bushfire Kids Connect teamed up with Makers Empire to achieve their education objectives via a custom program for 10 South Australian schools comprising a bushfire awareness and wellbeing themed challenge course in the Makers Empire app, the Learning by Design course for teachers, provision of Makers Empire tools for schools and learning opportunities with subject matter experts. Learn more.

“This partnership… is an exciting opportunity to help our next generation grow their understanding, resilience and emotional preparedness around bushfires,”

Carly Ascott, Bushfire Kids Connect

The Andy Thomas Space Foundation wanted to deliver education in awareness of space career opportunities to primary school students. So it partnered with Makers Empire on an Australia-first pilot program for primary schools to deliver this. This custom program includes delivery of our Learning by Design course, student projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and subject matter experts providing insights into their own careers in space and the exciting work their companies are doing. As a precursor to a planned national roll-out, the program will be trialled with nine South Australian schools. Learn more.

“These young South Australians are part of a generation that will help build our growing space industry and this program will inspire them to shoot for the stars,”

The Hon. John Gardner MP, Minister for Education 


The Toyota Community Foundation was looking for a partner to help it deliver STEM learning opportunities to students in West Melbourne. So it partnered with Makers Empire to deliver the West Melbourne 3D Printing in Schools Project to eight primary schools. This project worked towards the goals of the National STEM School Education Strategy 2016-2026 by engaging students in exciting, challenging STEM learning connected to real-world experiences, helping teachers to develop approaches that enable students to combine STEM knowledge with critical, creative and design thinking, and building teacher capacity. To achieve project goals, teachers undertook our Learning by Design course and students worked on projects with a specific STEM focus. Learn more.

“At Toyota, we’re passionate about championing the next generation of STEM talent. We are proud to support Makers Empire and enjoyed seeing the STEM projects at the Showcase,”
Mike Rausa, Chairman of the Toyota Community Trust

GE and Polar were looking for a partner to help them deliver an ambitious global project delivering 3D technology and education to 600 schools. So Polar approached Makers Empire to help them deliver the education component of the GE Additive Program to younger students. In 2017 and 2018, the GE Additive Education Program awarded 3D printing packages to more than 600 primary and secondary schools in 30 countries who did not previously have access to 3D printing technology. Each package included 3D printers, access to the Polar Cloud and (STEAM) curriculum, 3D design tools and resources provided by Makers Empire. Learn more.

“Through our Additive Education Program, GE aims to help build a strong pipeline of additive manufacturing skills – starting from the classroom – so that the next generation are on the front foot to take on future manufacturing opportunities,” 
Wouter Van Wersch, President and CEO of GE APAC



The Commissioner for Children and Young People was looking for a partner to help it deliver its annual Commissioner’s Digital Challenge for around 300 SA primary schools.  So it teamed up with Makers Empire to provide its Makers Empire 3D design tools and resources to participating schools. In the Space to Dream challenge, students need to design a toy or gadget for someone their age who is moving to Mars. 

“Space to Dream is all about learning to be an effective and creative problem solver. Our future requires bold thinkers who know how to create out-of-the-box solutions,”
Helen Connolly, Commissioner for Children and Young People, SA

Suggested Stages in a Community Partnership

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  1. We meet with you so we understand:
    – Your education goals and objectives
    – The subject matter experts in your network that we can work with to develop and deliver an effective program for you
    – Your community and how they currently engage with you
    – Your proposed timeframes
  2. We explain what we do and how we can work with you to help you achieve your goals 
  3. We create and share our proposed custom learning program and/or challenge course plan with you
  4. You discuss the plan with your stakeholders and provide feedback to us. 
  5. Both parties sign the agreed contract
Makers Empire Andy Thomas Space Foundation Schools Program-7


  1. We commence building your custom learning program and/or challenge course
  2. We test your learning program and/or challenge course 
  3. We create webinars, video tutorials and help articles to support teachers/students
  4. Students complete pre- and post-project survey re: learning behaviours and attitudes (optional)
  5. We work with your marketing team to effectively launch the partnership to your community and ours
  6. We launch the learning program and/or challenge course and resources 
  7. Teachers and students work on and complete the custom learning program and/or  challenge course


  1. We review usage data, assessment data and any user survey data
  2. We prepare a report for you that includes
    – What happened, what worked well, what could be improved and recommended actions
    – User data – what students achieved during the program
    – Optional survey information – the impact of the program on student learning behaviours and attitudes
  3. Recommended forward plan
  4. You share the report internally and discuss with your stakeholders
  5. We meet to discuss and agree next steps

Awards, Certifications and Partners

Learn more about community partnerships with Makers Empire

Tell us a little more about your organisation and your mission. We can create a tailored plan to help you achieve your education and awareness goals, deliver widespread, systemic change and help create a generation of thinkers, creators and problem solvers. 

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