Makers Empire’s 3D Printed Monsters Take Over the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Artspace

Adelaide Festival Centre’s Children’s Artspace is back with a brand-new exhibition, Making Monsters, with 3D prints and augmented reality models of monsters imagined by Klemzig Primary School on display to the public from now until 12 February, 2023.

Students were led by Adelaide visual artist Jess Taylor to create ‘Frankenstein’ style monsters and learnt the history of monsters from werewolves to zombies and vampires to mermaids.

Jess Taylor’s award-winning work explores her fascination with fictional horror through digital methods of making. Using Makers Empire, students and teachers learned how to use design and technology to construct and invent the monsters.

Each monster has a unique QR code that, once scanned, allows you to play and interact with it on the screen!

Jess Taylor: “3D modelling and printing is such an inventive and accessible media, and to be able to introduce primary school students to it in a way which capitalised on their imagination and narrative building was a wonderful opportunity.

“I’m really grateful for the opportunity to guide the students of Klemzig Primary in this project, and I’m so excited for everyone to see the results of their hard work – their monsters are wonderful and wacky, and the chance to see them in such a great gallery space, I hope, will inspire them to continue creating art and expressing themselves.”

Adelaide Festival Centre’s Children’s Artspace head curator Alice Dilger: “As curator, it has been personally and professionally important to consistently connect STEM and the Arts in Children’s Artspace. Making Monsters is our final exhibition of Children’s Artspace’s inaugural year.”

Created by SA students with the help of an Adelaide Central School of Art graduate artist, each exhibition at the  Children’s Artspace encourages students to engage in new art practices and experiences, and creates a space for children to come together, be creative, and conceptualise current events and big ideas. 

Visit the Making Monsters Exhibition

Making Monsters is on display to the public at the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Children’s Artspace from now until 12 February, 2023. The Children’s Artspace is open Saturday – Sunday, 10am – 3pm (also open during Dunstan Playhouse and Space Theatre performance times). Enter via Festival Plaza or Dunstan Playhouse Foyer 

Sign Up for a Making Monsters Workshops

From 7 – 21st January, the Making Monsters workshop will teach children how to make their own monstrous creature via the Makers Empire App, and then bring their creation to life.

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