Managed Pilots for Groups of Schools

Why Do a Managed Pilot?

A managed pilot with Makers Empire is designed to be delivered to groups of schools to deliver superior professional development and learning opportunities for teachers whilst providing them with a peer network for support and inspiration. Teachers in a managed school pilot will:

  • Understand how to use 3D technology to plan, teach and assess Design & Technology and Engineering curriculum for K-8 students.
  • Be supported to create meaningful and innovative learning programs that provide authentic opportunities to engage students in STEM and maker-based learning.
  • Receive complimentary access to Makers Empire’s 3D Learning Program for the course of the pilot.
  • Learn how to manage 3D printing needs either on or off-site.

Do You Meet Pilot Criteria?

Are you:

  1. Looking to introduce 3D design and 3D printing to a group of schools, district or state? 
  2. Wanting to provide teachers with an all-in-one solution to plan, teach and assess Design & Technology and/or Engineering curriculum?
  3. Needing to engage students in STEM learning to improve student learning outcomes and performance?
  4. Keen to help students develop important skills in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and citizenship?
  5. Eager to teach students how to identify and solve real-world problems and to encourage entrepreneurial behaviours? 
  6. Wanting an evidence-based solution for K-8 students?
  7. Looking for a solution that is fun and engaging for ALL students, including reluctant learners and those with special needs?
  8. Have available budget for a managed pilot, and available funds to continue using Makers Empire should the pilot be a success?

Districts Who Have Implemented Managed Pilots

Introducing Makers Empire

Usual Stages in a Makers Empire Managed Pilot

Below are our suggested steps and actions included in a managed pilot, however, these can be customised to suit your needs.

Below are our suggested steps and actions included in a managed pilot, however, these can be customized to suit your needs.


  1. You complete a survey so we understand:
    1. Your learning goals and objectives.
    2. Your professional development, training and support needs.
    3. Your EdTech pilot goals and objectives.
    4. Which schools/teachers/classes would be involved in the survey,
    5. Your proposed timeframes,
    6. The available school equipment (i.e. what computers/devices the students will use to Makers Empire)
    7. The other products you’re already using that could be used to sign in to Makers Empire (e.g. Google Classroom, Clever, Schoology, Windows, Apple)
    8.  Your 3D printing requirements
  2. We meet to discuss your completed survey and clarify any points.
  3. We create and share our customised pilot plan with you.
  4. You discuss the plan internally with all stakeholders and provide feedback on the plan back to us. 
  5. Both parties sign off on the agreed pilot plan. 


  1. The pilot commences!
  2. Teacher and students provide insight into learning behaviours and attitudes by completing a pre-pilot survey (self-reported data and feedback via open-ended questions)
  3. Participating teachers begin with an online webinar.
  4. Teachers and school support staff are supported to install Makers Empire on school devices and get ready for the first class.
  5. Teachers complete the online PD training and start exploring the teacher dashboard.
  6. Teachers and students complete a pre-pilot survey on learning behaviours and attitudes.
  7. Teachers introduce Makers Empire with their students.
  8.  Teachers do a second webinar. 
  9. Teachers and students work on the agreed pilot project.
  10. Teachers and students complete the agreed pilot project.
  11. Teachers share their projects with each other in a final project webinar/online showcase day.


  1. Teachers and students provide insight into learning behaviours and attitudes by completing a post-pilot survey (self-reported data and feedback via open-ended questions)
  2. We examine usage data, assessment data and review the projects completed by teachers 
  3. We review the pre- and post-survey data and feedback provided by teachers and students
  4.  We prepare a pilot project report for you that includes:
    1. Pilot report detailing what happened, what worked well, what could be improved and recommended actions
    2. Survey report showing the impact on learning behaviours and attitudes
    3. Recommended implementation plan for your group of schools that includes all inclusions, training and support. 
  5. You share the pilot report internally and discuss with your stakeholders
  6. We meet to discuss and agree next steps.

Usual Inclusions for a Makers Empire Managed Pilot

Learning by Design


  • Real-time webinars for teachers, customised to suit your particular PD and training needs
  • 2-hour online, on-demand PD course
MAK_Shop_Class Set_1908


  • Easy to use 3D software
  • Class management tools
  • 150 curriculum-aligned lesson plans
  • Built-in student assessment
  • Training
  • Support for teachers
  • Optional workbooks for students and teachers
  • Optional 3D printer(s) or 3D printing bureau service 
MAK_Shop Images_Custom


• Pilot aligned to your goals and objectives
• Implementation plan for your group of schools
• Personalised support and training that suits your group of schools
• Custom reports


Denver Public School Case Study​

Denver Public Schools’ technology coordinators identified a need to provide interested teachers within the 200-school district the opportunity to engage in 3D printing. So they researched possible solutions and ended up approaching Makers Empire. 

Our custom professional development program for Denver Public Schools includes face-to-face professional development days, online learning and online support forums for 55 teachers across 38 schools. Each school also has access to Makers Empire’s high-quality 3D design tools, class management tools and resources for a full year, too.

Schools were also given a 3D printer by the school district so that students can experience the full Design Cycle from empathy, define, ideation, prototyping and testing.


Selected Awards, Certifications and Accreditations

Express Your Interest in a Makers Empire Managed Pilot

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