Delivering 3D Tech to Denver Public School District | Custom Professional Development

The Makers Empire team recently spent some time in Denver, USA, to deliver customised professional development and Makers Empire to schools in the Denver Public Schools district.

54 teachers representing 38 schools from the Denver Public Schools district attended the Makers Empire training days held at Mind Spark Learning, a purpose-built facility for teacher training and PD. The training covered maker pedagogy, Design Thinking and 3D printing, and there were plenty of opportunities for teachers to get involved in hands-on learning.

Mandi Dimitriadis, Director of Learning at Makers Empire said, “I am really looking forward to seeing the projects that the Denver teachers come up with for their students when the new school year starts. It was exciting to see teachers passionately discussing how they can use Makers Empire and their new 3D printers to help their students solve problems and develop empathy for others. Some lucky teachers even walked away with a 3D printer as a prize for solving a pop quiz, pitching a Pringle’s invention and coming up with awesome designs. And it snowed, too!!!”

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Feedback from Teachers

“I loved having time to play with the software in a supervised environment with the opportunity to ask questions. I now feel confident enough to set up the 3D printer and play with it,” Jamie from Place Bridge Academy.

“A great overview of Design Thinking! The examples of student experiences solving problems are inspiring. I’m looking forward to finding an opportunity to engage my students in 3D design thinking before the end of the year,Lisa from C3 Elementary School.

“I loved the design challenge. It was a great way to learn and now I really understand the design thinking steps,” Monica from Goldrick Elementary School.

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Interested in learning how Makers Empire can help your school district transform learning with 3D technology? We offer customised packages for school districts, education departments and school groups. Please contact us to learn more.

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