How St Stephens School is solving its community’s real world problems with 3D printing

St Stephens School’s grade 6 students decided to tackle a real world problem using Makers Empire’s 3D printing app and Learning Program to help their community.

This kind of project based learning is not the same thing as doing ‘projects’: often, the emphasis is more on the processes that students follow and use.

3D design and printing provides an ideal platform to support project based learning as it challenges students to use design thinking processes to identify real-world problems. It then provides the means to generate, develop, test and evaluate designed solutions.

Watch how the grade 6 students at St Stephen School’s help solve problems within their community using Makers Empire Learning Program:

Seeing how the students used the Makers Empire app to change the lives of people within their own school community was truly inspiring! Thank you to St Stephens School for sharing their class project with us and being a part of the Makers Empire community!

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