Makers Empire Press Kit

Welcome to Makers Empire’s online Press Kit. For all inquiries, please contact:

Christina Soong, Director of Marketing, Makers Empire
Email: or mobile +61 (4)09 159 074

Jon Soong, CEO, Makers Empire
Email: or mobile: +61 (4)03 347 994.

Selected Makers Empire Media Releases

Photos, Video and Broadcast

Photographs – People

  • Low-resolution photos of students and teachers using Makers Empire in the classroom can be found on Google Drive.
  • High-resolution photos of Makers Empire’s CEO, founders and senior management can be found on Google Drive.

Photographs – Products

  • High-resolution screenshots of the Makers Empire 3D app can be found on Google Drive and Google Drive (the last link has the latest screenshots).
  • High-resolution photos of Makers Empire’s products for schools can be found on Google Drive.
  • High-resolution photos of the Makers Empire Teacher’s Dashboard can be found on Google Drive.


Makers Empire Experts

Makers Empire’s experts are available to provide comment on news articles and education/tech stories:

Mandi Dimitriadis, Director of Learning, can comment & speak on:

  • How to prepare our students for jobs that don’t exist yet;
  • Why every child should be taught Design Thinking skills;
  • How Design Thinking skills help build resilience in children;
  • Encouraging more girls in STEM via 3D design and printing.
  • The role of schools in teaching Design Thinking;
  • Maker pedagogy and its importance for today’s students; and
  • Covering Design, Technology & Engineering Curriculum

Jon Soong, CEO & Co-Founder, can comment and speak on:

  • Makers Empire;
  • General advice for start-ups;
  • Running a SAAS (Software As A Service) business;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Essential skills for the 21st Century;
  • Developing future entrepreneurs, innovators & problem solvers;
  • Why the founders chose Adelaide, Australia, as the company HQ.

Makers Empire Teachers

Want to speak to a teacher using Makers Empire in the classroom in innovative and engaging ways?

We can help! Simply email with your details and we’ll put you in touch with a teacher using Makers Empire.

Branding Guidelines

Makers Empire Style Guide

  • The Makers Empire Style Guide and branding guidelines can be downloaded from Google Drive.

Makers Empire Logo

  • The Makers Empire logo can be downloaded from Google Drive.

About Makers Empire

For Makers Empire’s origin story, please see Our Story.

For Makers Empire’s major milestones, please see Key Dates.

For Makers Empire’s current company profile, please see About Makers Empire.

For Makers Empire’s mission, please see Why Design Thinking should be taught in schools.

For Makers Empire product information, please see Makers Empire School Subscription, Custom Solutions and Makers Empire 3D (3D software).