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Be at the forefront of Design Thinking in Schools

Makers Empire helps K-8 educators teach students how to solve real-world STEM problems using Design Thinking with 3D printing and design. Our complete solutions for schools include:

  • World’s easiest to use 3D software
  • Professional development for teachers,
  • 150+ lesson plans aligned to international teaching standards
  • Class management tools
  • Built-in student assessment
  • School implementation plan
  • Training and ongoing support
“This has been a wonderful new way to teach and motivate my students… They are beginning to see real-life implications to what they learning to do in class and how they could develop prototypes of objects that they could develop and then produce to sell…The overall enthusiasm towards school and learning has increased tremendously… typically reluctant learners have come to life!”
Robin McGinnis, District Gifted Education Presenter
Mt. Healthy City School System, Ohio, USA