Makers Empire’s 3D printing bureau and 3D printer servicing a hit with Aussie primary schools

Outsource Your School's 3D Printing

Makers Empire offers school customers the ease and convenience of a 3D printing bureau service for schools that wish to outsource part or all of their 3D printing. Some schools like using this 3D printing service as they do not have their own 3D printers. Others like to supplement the output of their school 3D printers by using our bureau service at times when they have major projects or multiple classes all needing 3D prints at once. 

Whatever the case, the Makers Empire 3D printing bureau provides schools with a helpful, convenient and reliable way to 3D print their students’ designs made using Makers Empire. To access this service, teachers simply order the required prints through the Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard by purchasing print credits and then using these credits to order prints. Customers login to the Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard by clicking the button at the top right of this website.

Here’s what happy school customers have said about the Makers Empire 3D printer bureau managed by our hardware expert, Luke Tansell:

  • “Our Year 2 students have had particular success over the past 3 years with their unit on boat designs. The 3D printing (bureau service) that you provide has been a great time saver as well!” Jon Dyer, IT Teacher.

  • “The printing service offered by Makers Empire is a real time saver. It is quick and easy to upload your files online for printing and delivered straight to the school. I would highly recommend this feature for teachers to use when 3D printing,” Jodi Farmer, Teacher

  • “We used this service during the home learning period. Students did a design unit focused on designing and making a prototype toy for a pet. We were lucky enough to then have these designs printed through the Makers Empire 3D printing service. The packaging and overall experience was awesome. Students felt like superstars with their username and file image on the packaging. The packaging was done so well it could be hung up in a shop to sell as it was. This is the perfect option for those who don’t yet have printers or prefer not to have the upkeep of their own device. The price is very reasonable,” Jay Wright, STEM Teacher.

  • “The Makers Empire 3D printing bureau service was excellent. It saved me hours of time organising and supervising the printing of individual designs for Year 3 and 4 students. I would highly recommend this service. The prints came beautifully packaged with each child’s name on them too. You should have seen the excitement and big smiles when the children received them! Thanks for this brilliant service,” Penny Sarah, Teacher.

  • “My printer only gets a full work out at the end of a school term, when children have finished their work and everything needs to be printed at once and in a hurry. That when my printer stopped working! Makers Empire’s Printing Service came to the rescue, and I am so grateful that they did. All prints were completed quickly, efficiently and to a high standard. As with all prints for junior primary students, some of the prints required “tweaking” and problem solving which was done without any issues. When they arrived at school students and teachers were extremely happy. This low cost services takes so much of the time and hassle out of printing at your site and in your own time. Extremely economical, particularly when you factor in the cost of your time,” Hajnalka Molloy, Teacher-Librarian.”

Reliable 3D Printer Servicing and Support

Makers Empire also offers school customers in its home state of South Australia complimentary 3D printer servicing and personal site visits. This is in addition to our usual telephone and online support that all customers receive. Makers Empire school customers can book in their complimentary 3D printer servicing here.

Here’s what happy school customers have said about Makers Empire’s 3D printer servicing and support provided by our hardware expert, Luke Tansell:

  • “I have been delighted with the ongoing support that Luke and the Makers Empire team has provided to me and my site. Luke has been very responsive to my questions and queries and was successfully able to repair our printer. He kept me fully informed about the printer and the time line required to fix it… A wonderful engaging program, fantastic training, and outstanding ongoing support makes Makers Empire so successful!”  Jane Wetherall, Year 1/2 Teacher.

  •  “I have found Luke to be an absolute asset. I’ve needed to contact him more than I’d care to admit and he’s always very prompt in his response. If he can’t help me sort an issue over the phone, he books me for onsite support, often fitting me in the very next day. I would strongly recommend Makers Empire for any school, particularly those wanting to dip their toe in the 3D printing waters,” Jarad Tessari, Year 6 Teacher.

  • “I was a complete newbie with 3D printing, and have had a few issues with my printer – most as it turns out caused by me! The staff at Makers Empire have been exceptionally helpful, understanding and efficient. They have repaired my printer on a few occasions without any hassles or judgement. They have taught me how to troubleshoot, and following their videos I have become quite proficient at fixing minor problems with the extruder. Makers Empire staff fixed issues that I didn’t even realise that the printer had e.g. they replaced a broken clip on the cover – they printed and attached a new clip. Their service was friendly, efficient, economical and effective,” Hajnalka Molloy, Teacher-Librarian.

Makers Empire’s 3D printer bureau service and 3D printer servicing are just two of the reasons why so many Australian primary schools choose Makers Empire for all of their school’s 3D design and 3D printing needs. 

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