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Makers Empire 3D is the world’s most fun, easy to use 3D design app created specifically for students in grades K-8.

Makers Empire is loved by 3 million students in 50+ countries and used to create 50,000 new 3D designs every day.

Learn, create, solve, and share, with the world’s most fun and easy to use 3D design app.

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Installing Makers Empire on school devices? Check out our installation guide and login options for students. For Chromebooks, please check out our guide to Chromebooks and Makers Empire. Learn what’s new in the current release and our student safety and privacy policies and tools.

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Makers Empire’s 3D software is the cornerstone of our complete solutions for schools, which include professional development, curriculum-aligned lesson plans, class management tools and support. Makers Empire leads the way in terms of teaching Design Thinking in schools via 3D printing.