Makers Empire 3D

Makers Empire 3D is the world’s easiest to use 3D modelling software. With Makers Empire 3D, K-8 students can start designing in minutes – no CAD or computing experience necessary!

Makers Empire 3D helps unlock young students’ natural drive to create, share and explore. Moreover, Makers Empire 3D provides a critical link between the unlimited creativity of the virtual world and the practical limits of the real world. Through trial and error, students learn how to make their ideas a reality, and to develop real-world applications for their designs.


“I have worked with several design software but Makers Empire is the easiest to use… each student is able to have an account for their designs and can work at their pace which is meeting them on their individual need. Through this, my after school STEM club has gained interested to where students had to be put on a waiting list.”
– Casey Corn STEM Teacher
Chesnee Elementary School, South Carolina, USA


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For installation on Chromebooks, please check out this handy guide.

Join our global network of designers

Every day, 5,000 new designs are created using Makers Empire 3D. To put it another way, every 16 seconds, a new design is made using Makers Empire 3D. To date, student designers around the world have created over 1.9 million designs.


• Browse the Gallery to be inspired and like and comment on designs to show your support.
• Choose from one of five design modules: Shaper, Blocker, Character, Doodler and Cogger,
• In-app video tutorials in the Challenges module show you how to create simple designs.
Monthly design competitionslet you test your skills.