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Looking to integrate 3D design and printing into your school or district?
Wondering how to maximise your students’ learning opportunities with 3D design and printing?
Not sure how teachers can use 3D design and printing as an everyday teaching tool?

At Makers Empire, we’ve helped hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers in Australia, America, Asia and Europe.
Learn more about Makers Empire 3D for Schools in one of three ways below:

Watch On-Demand Webinar Now

We have created an on-demand webinar series for a high-level introduction to Makers Empire. You’ll learn how 3D printing with Makers Empire can transform your K-8 classroom, and watch an Introduction to Makers Empire 3D software and the Teacher’s Dashboard.

Watch webinar

Reserve Spot in Group Webinar

Makers Empire runs a weekly Group Webinar:
3D Printing in the Classroom Made Easy. Watch a live demo of Makers Empire 3D for Schools and learn about examples of teachers using 3D design and printing in the K-8 classroom. You can also ask any questions you might have.

Reserve spot

Schedule Personal Consultation

Schedule a personal consultation with a Learning Consultant to discuss your particular needs so you can determine if Makers Empire is a good fit for you. Personal consultations include a demo of Makers Empire 3D for schools and are conducted via Zoom.

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