[Videos] American Teachers Share Their Fave Makers Empire Projects, Aha! Moments & Tips

We recently asked some of our American elementary and middle school teachers to record videos about their experiences of using Makers Empire in classroom and remote learning so we could share them with our global community of educators. 

Thank you so much to Sherry, Karie, Chris and Bonnie for sharing your Makers Empire experiences with us – it was genuinely moving to learn about the wonderful ways you’re using Makers Empire to engage students and transform learning in your schools.  

Teachers Share Favourite Makers Empire Projects

In this video, American teachers share:

  • Who they are, what they teach and their location
  • What is Makers Empire.
  • Why they like using Makers Empire with their students.
  • How they use Makers Empire to teach the curriculum. 
  • Favourite 3D printing project using Makers Empire for elementary and middle school students. 

Teachers Share Their Aha! Moment with Makers Empire

In this video, American teachers share:

  • A moment when their students surprised them with Makers Empire. 
  • Their biggest ‘Aha’ moments when using Makers Empire – a game-changing moment when they realised the learning potential of Makers Empire.
  • The most exciting things their students have designed with Makers Empire.
  • The #1 benefit of using Makers Empire with their students.

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