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What’s New in Makers Empire 3D

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Makers Empire 3D 4.3.9

17 April, 2019

What’s new in this version:

– We’ve fixed an issue with zombies attacking you before the countdown ends

– General stability and performance improvements

Version History

Makers Empire 3D 4.3.8

– New non-player character in the popular Maze Maker 3D game creator – creepy, staggering zombies!

– General stability improvements

Makers Empire 3D 4.3.6

– General stability improvements

Makers Empire 3D 4.3.5


– General stability improvements

Makers Empire 3D 4.3.4


– New special items in the Maze Maker – JUMP springs! Slippery ICE blocks, and dangerous LAVA!

– New look for the daily challenges

– Improved experience for offline users

– General stability improvements

Makers Empire 3D 4.3.2


– General stability improvements

– version 4.3.2 fixes an issue with recording videos from the gallery.

Makers Empire 3D 4.3.1


– General stability improvements

Makers Empire 3D 4.3


–  Meet The GAME ZONE. A new place where you can make your own 3D games! Challenge your friends, play other people’s games and then rate them. Learn more.

– Introducing… MAZE MANIA! Build mazes then run through them as fast as you can. Send them to friends and compete to get the fastest times and make the hardest or most popular mazes. Learn more.

– Maker World is growing. All Makers now start in the 3D world and can freely explore what’s available to them.

– We’ve added a colourful cube to the top right of the work area – the VIEW CUBE. Drag it around to rotate the view, or tap a face and the camera will spin to look at that side. Learn more.

Makers Empire 3D 4.2


– Mission Maker! Make your own design Missions and invite friends to play them! Play other people’s Missions! When you’re done, rate them out of five stars.  Learn more.

– To reach the Mission Maker you’ll need to reach outer space – can you work out how to get there? Learn more.

– News

We’ve built a ‘news service’ that’ll give you video updates and demos of new features as you log in!

Makers Empire 3D 4.1.2


– We’ve made logging in and creating a new account much easier and more fun.

– Fixes for creating new accounts with Google, Schoology and Clever

– Added option to link existing accounts with a Google login

Makers Empire 3D 4.1


– A new set of fun challenges that teach Design & Technology curriculum!

– For teachers – the ability to assess student challenges and give special rewards to high achievers!

– A new 3D world to explore with your Hero!

– Daily challenges!

– We’ve made logging in and creating a new account much easier and more fun.

Makers Empire 3D 4.0.4


– POSE your Hero! Choose from a bunch of dynamic poses and make your Hero look alive!

– You can now choose your own colors for some hero parts. Pick your own skin and hair tones, and change colors on other parts too.

– Bug fixes and stability improvements