Makers Empire For Students

Create anything you can imagine! Become an awesome creator, innovator and problem-solver. Make and play 3D mazes. Share your designs, mazes and design missionswith a global community of designers. Students around the world create 100,000 new designs every day with Makers Empire 3D – join the fun!

Whether you are new to 3D design or an experienced designer, you’ll find lots to explore and learn in Makers Empire. Makers Empire’s fun and easy to use products make it fun and easy to…


Create anything you can imagine

Become a 3D designer with Makers Empire 3D, the world’s easiest to use 3D app designed just for grade K-8 students. Create your own 3D models, make and play 3D mazes in the game zone, complete design challenges, and create your own avatar to represent you in the Makers Empire universe. Browse the Makers Empire Gallery for inspiration, try the daily design challenges, complete a themed challenge course, enter the monthly Design Thinking competition designed to test your skills against other designs in our global community?

“There are things I learned through Makers Empire that I couldn’t have imagined before… Makers Empire has encouraged me to draw more and to be more creative. I can also design things, print them and sell them. It has really opened my eyes.”

Continue playing at home

Makers Empire school users have access to special features and content  available on basic accounts. School users can also share their creations with their teacher and classmates, get feedback from their teacher, and complete design and technology curriculum. If you already use Makers Empire at school, use your same user account at home and school to get the best experience. If you forget your login details ask your teacher for help.

“I first started using this app at school, then I had so much fun and got so obsessed I started using it at home. Honestly, it’s probably one of the best ‘making’ apps I’ve ever used 🙂.“


Be part of a global community

With Makers Empire, you are part of a global community of designers who make 100,000 new designs every day. Share your designs in the gallery so other people can be inspired by your designs and give you feedback. Browse designs and leave positive comments to encourage other designers, too. Before commenting, remember to ask yourself:

  • Is this comment helpful?
  • Is this comment kind?
  • Would I like to see a comment like this on my designs?
“I like that in Makers Empire, you can create anything from your imagination. I like that also you can share your designs and see other people’s designs too. This allows me to get support and motivation from other people and inspiration, too.”

Level up with Makers Empire  

Watch step-by-step tutorials, project ideas, 3D printing tips and videos made by students and teachers sharing their Makers Empire experience. Get free official Makers Empire posters, measuring guides, design thinking cycle sheets and more to help you make cool designs at home. 

“Makers Empire helped me grow as a person because it improved my drawing skills and imagination. For example, when I designed “The Simpsons” I needed to draw the shapes that match the characters’ look, and that helped me with my drawing skills needed at school and at my own time.”

Be inspired by great kid designers 

Read interviews with student designers. Learn from a 10YO who set up his own custom 3D printing business with his dad, or a brother and sister team with their own custom 3D printing business. Learn how a 10YO invented a world-first product for diabetics or how grade 5 students helped their teacher’s toddler, who has cerebral palsy. You can also watch videos made by students on Youtube.

“What I like about Makers Empire is how you can pick so many advanced options of blocks and tools to create anything your heart desires. Makers Empire helps me improve my creativity and helps me express myself in a confident way.”