Makers Empire celebrating 10 million maze runs by students in Maze Mania 3D Game Creator

Makers Empire is celebrating 10 million maze runs by students in its new Maze Mania game. Launched last October as a game creator within the Makers Empire 3D design app, Maze Mania lets students create their own 3D mazes for their friends and peers to try to complete. Within a month of launch, students had attempted 1 million maze runs in Maze Mania and now, after six months, students have reached 10 million maze runs, confirming the game’s ongoing popularity with Makers Empire’s 500,000+ student users.

How Students Learn Problem Solving and Spatial Skills with Maze Mania

Maze Mania was added to Makers Empire 3D to engage students through game-based learning. It has been designed with experts educators from our learning team to ensure that they are as educational as they are engaging.

When students create or play mazes in Maze Mania they are:

  • Learning to manipulate 3D objects and improve their spatial abilities in an immersive, highly engaging 3D environment;
  • Formulating a hypothesis and considering probability as they navigate mazes;
  • Experiencing the testing cycle with an instant feedback loop.
  • Ensuring that the design of their maze meets certain design criteria: there must be a start and finish point, and it must have a solution; and
  • Observing the features of other popular mazes and iterating on their own creation in order to get a place in the ‘Hot’ gallery.

Students Love the New Zombies

We’ve also recently added zombies to Maze Mania, too, to make mazes even more fun to design and more fiendishly tricky to solve. Students can hide zombies behind corners or unleash zombie hoards on the user so that they can’t easily complete the maze. When it comes to electrifying games like this, sites like is the way to go.

Wondering how students can maneuver their way around the zombies? We always think it’s better when students figure out things for themselves but if your students get completely stuck you can suggest luring the zombies into the lava, watching them bounce off walls or just pausing and holding their position so that the zombies lurch past them – zombies are fun but they sure ain’t smart!

Check out this video showing students how to beat the zombies in this particular maze:

Get Creative with New Textures

Lastly, students can now make their mazes look extra cool with new textures like stone, brick, wood, and plants, as well as previously introduced textures like lava and ice, too.

Download the latest version of Makers Empire 3D

We’re releasing a new version of Makers Empire 3D in the next day or so with these improvements:

  • We’ve fixed an issue with zombies attacking you before the countdown ends
  • General stability and performance improvements

So update your Makers Empire 3D software today for all the latest features and improved stability.

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