Makers Empire for ISTE 2020 Attendees

As someone who attended ISTE, you understand the learning potential of 3D technology.

Makers Empire helps schools maximise the learning potential of 3D technology, cover Design & Technologies curriculum, and teach Design Thinking, STEM concepts and 21st-century learning skills.

Teachers are supported by comprehensive resources, easy to use software and class management tools, professional development, and ongoing support provided by Makers Empire’s customer service team.

“I have worked with several design software but Makers Empire is the easiest to use… One of the best things students learned is that it is okay to not get the “right” answer the first time, or second time. Students know that “failing” is part of the design process and problem solving,”
Casey Corn, STEM Teacher
Chesnee Elementary School, USA

Recommended by Commonsense Education


Makers Empire was listed second in Common Sense Education’s Best Edtech of 2018 List. Makers Empire was also listed in these prestigious Commonsense Education lists:

  1. Design Thinking Tools for Schools
  2. Tools for Project Based Learning
  3. Great Online Communities for Kids
  4. Best Student Collaboration Tools
  5. Digital Resources for School Makerspaces
  6. Top Picks for Connecting the Classroom with the Real-World
  7. Digital Tools for School Libraries and Media Centres
“…I think that we had 5,000 designs within a month’s time! I had seven classrooms at the school using it. And I had other teachers saying, ‘I really want to get in on this. I want to try this with our kids,’… What is really nice about Makers Empire is it’s the first time that the students are actually creating something (original). We’ve had a 3D printer and stuff going on four or five years now. Previously, the students didn’t really create (anything) original… But with Makers Empire, when they were all finished, each student had all of these different unique creations… I feel like Makers Empire is a game changer for 3D design for our kids. There’s a lot of software out there but Makers Empire has incorporated so many different features. With the challenges and then the tutorials built in, no one else has that,”
Karie Huttner, K-5 Educational Technology Coach

Backed by Macquarie University Research

Makers Empire’s Learning by Design course was the subject of a 12-month Macquarie University research study on makerspaces in primary school settings. The study examined how maker activities using 3D  technology could enhance learning and teaching outcomes.

The research study report reveals the compelling benefits of this type of learning for primary educators and showed that makerspaces can be highly effective at developing children’s creativity, critical thinking, design thinking and digital skills.

Students were highly engaged with the 3D technology, and the idea of solving genuine design challenges – it helped boost their confidence and resilience when dealing with setbacks, particularly for those less capable students.

Teachers became more comfortable with technology, and more collaborative and flexible in their teaching. All of the 24 classroom teachers who participated in the focus group expressed a desire to integrate 3D design-based makerspaces into their future classes.

Macquarie University research study

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“The software is easy to use and kid friendly… The curriculum has been great and it even fits into the objectives that I am currently teaching…When we first started using the curriculum I thought it was going to be a huge task getting my students to learn this. But instead of teaching, I have become a facilitator. They have really taken off and are helping each other solve problems. When we end our day I may see about 20 designs that were created, but when we start the next day I see that number increase to about 50. They are even designing at home,”
Irene Barry-Philord, Teacher, Eneida M. Hartner Elementary, USA


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“I have been doing 3D design and printing for about four years. I have used many programs including Sketchup, 123dDesign and Tinkercad. I am always looking for new programs and ran across Makers Empire when searching for 3D programs and ideas… I immediately was interested in the idea of a curriculum and being able to have classes… I signed up for the trial first and fell in love with the format… I also loved the different areas that the students could explore and that they could work at home as well. It is very engaging and my students love it! I like that I can set challenges and that they can also follow the challenges from the curriculum. The interface is very easy and the students can master it quickly. I like all the things students can do such as monthly contests and the game zone. Being able to design in a 3D environment is key to their computer studies as they progress through the grades. They love designing in the 3D world. I think it is a skill that will be important to them as they grow. It inspires their creativity and put their ideas into reality. They have gained confidence in their creative abilities and their perseverance increased as well.”
Ruth Hanson, Lower School Educational Technologist
Duchesne Academy, Texas

Special Offer - FREE Buddy Program

Makers Empire would love to partner with you to build your school’s Design & Technologies capacity and empower your colleagues while developing your students’ design thinking skills and building their creative confidence.

All you need to run this program is:

  • 1 champion teacher – that’s probably you
  • 1 hour for a practical training session
    (ideally before Term 1 starts, but anytime really)
  • 5 lessons to complete an introductory 3D design project
  • 2 or more buddies (colleagues) who are interested in learning how easy it is to effectively use Makers Empire in their classes
  • 3D printer is optional

This program is usually only for schools with an existing Makers Empire subscription but we are making an exception for ISTE 2020 attendees.

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