How Roseworthy PS Students Help Wheelchair Sports Athletes with 3D Printing

Matt has Muscular Dystrophy, which affects all of his muscles and causes further deterioration every year. When he plays wheelchair sports, it can get rough and sometimes the force of the wheelchairs hitting each other can cause his arms to fall off his chair. This is a problem as Matt doesn’t have the physical strength needed to put his arms back on the armrests.

So he asked the students at Roseworthy Primary School in Australia if they could create something to help him solve this problem. Using Makers Empire 3D design software and with the help of their teachers, the students were able to read this guide and came up with the prototype of a solution to help Matt and other wheelchair athletes like him.

Roseworthy Primary School was part of phase 3 of the 3D Printing in Schools project, a joint program between the Department for Education (SA), Makers Empire and public primary schools in South Australia. Thanks to this program, athletes like Matt can now enjoy the sports that they love, such as archery, for example.

Two teachers from the participating schools undertook Makers Empire’s accredited blended professional development course, Learning by Design, and all teachers and students from schools had access to Makers Empire high-quality tools and resources including software, online professional development, curriculum, training and support. To date, the program has helped 170 primary schools teach Design Thinking, STEM and 21st-century learning skills with 3D printing and 3D design.

Watch this video made by Roseworthy teachers and students to learn how they are helping wheelchair sports athletes with 3D printing. This video was first screened at the 3D Printing in Schools Showcase Day in late 2018.


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