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Category: Makers Empire: Thought Leadership

  • Failing to Succeed: 6 Habits of Successful ‘Failers’ That Teachers Should Know

    This post is by Mandi Dimitriadis, Makers Empire's Director of Learning (pictured above, left).    I spend a lot of time talking with teachers about the important role failure can play in learning. Backed by Carol Dweck’s mindset research and armed with all sorts of anecdotes about the power of design thinking, I can often...

  • 5 Ways Design & Technology Curricula are Changing and How Makers Empire Can Help

    We hear a lot of talk about what it's going to take for our young people to thrive and survive in their 21st-century futures. It's become almost cliched to talk about 21st-century skills but it is fair to say that many of today's school students will be working in jobs that don't yet exist and...

  • 9 Ways Teachers Can Differentiate Design Tasks for Students

    At Makers Empire we believe that every child can change their world. Our dream is to empower every student with the tools, skills and creative confidence they need, to be able to tackle challenges head-on and develop creative, innovative solutions to problems. We know that teachers play a major role in helping students develop the...

  • Why spatial intelligence is important and how to help develop it with 3D printing

    You've heard of intellectual intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) a measure of a person's reasoning and emotional ability, respectively. But are you familiar with spatial intelligence and its importance in education and learning? Spatial intelligence or spatial ability is the skill required to mentally manipulate 2D and 3D objects. So why should classroom teachers...

  • 6 ways 3D printing helps students develop critical thinking skills

    To thrive in the 21st century our students need to be able to collaborate effectively with others, identify and develop innovative solutions to problems and challenges, and know how to think creatively and critically. So, what is critical thinking? Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and logically and to apply reasoning processes to ideas...

  • 5 ways rapid prototyping helps students slow down (for better results!)

    We’ve recently looked at prototyping and how it can help our students get better at failing. In this post, we’ll examine rapid prototyping and how it can help our students slow down for better end results. What is rapid prototyping? If a prototype is a sample model of a product built for testing and trialling,...

  • 4 ‘failures’ & why prototyping matters

    We recently looked at the role failure can play in helping young students to persist in challenging situations and develop growth mindsets. Well, it just so happens that prototyping can help students become really good at failing. In fact, four world-famous products began their lives as 'failures'. Great Failure 1: WD40 When was the last time you...

  • The importance of failing: how 3D printing teaches students persistence

    At Makers Empire, we love to help young people be great … at failing! This might sound like a strange goal but there’s a lot to be said for knowing how to fail well. The technology-powered world that our young people are growing up in means they expect to be able to access whatever they...

  • How 3D printing supports differentiated instruction in the classroom

    Makers Empire’s Director of Learning Development, Mandi Dimitriadis, shares ways K-8 teachers can use 3D printing and design to support a differentiated approach to instruction.  One of the biggest challenges teachers face is being able to cater for the diverse range of abilities and learning needs students bring with them to the classroom.  Every student brings unique...

  • Top 12 ways to build students’ empathy using 3D design

    Makers Empire’s Director of Learning Development, Mandi Dimitriadis, outlines 12 ways K-8 teachers can use design-based challenges to help develop their students' sense of empathy. To succeed in our globally connected and increasingly complex world, we know that today’s students will need to be creative and critical thinkers and be able to identify and solve new problems...

  • Levelling up a Growth Mindset with Makers Empire

    Carol Dweck's mindset research is continuing to attract worldwide attention and letting us in on some of the most powerful secrets for unlocking our students' potential as successful learners. We want our students to feel optimistic about themselves as learners and to believe in their own power to improve by applying effort, embracing challenges and...

  • 12 ways to help students develop 21st Century Skills with Makers Empire

    We hear a lot about how important it is for today's students to develop their 21st century skills, in addition to what are often referred to as 'the basics'. In fact, the 4Cs of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity are often described as the 'new basics'. These are the skills, dispositions and attitudes that...

  • Top 10 lesson ideas to help students develop confidence in 3D design environments

    How can we help our students develop confidence and spatial awareness when working with 3D design challenges? Here are some of our favourite ideas for helping students find their way around in 3D and move between 2D and 3D environments. 1. #ShapeDetectives Look for 2D shapes in 3D objects found in the classroom and outside....