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Category: Teaching STEM/STEAM

  • Competitions, Challenges & Experiences Your Students Will Love | Design Thinking | STEM

    At Makers Empire, we want to help children become creators, innovators and problem solvers so they can adapt and thrive in a dynamic world. We do this by equipping educators with the tools, resources and support they need to embrace creativity and making in education for improved student performance, engagement and learning. We've created this...

  • The Interdisciplinary Power of STEM

    STEM has been a hot topic for some time now, and we need it to stay that way as educators, industry and government work together to make sure that our young people are well equipped to thrive in the future. I think we can all agree that our young people are heading into a future...

  • 3d printed objects on a table

    How to Teach the ‘E’ in STEM with 3D Printing: Engineering in Primary School

    Are we teaching all the letters in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer and Mathematics) or are some receiving more attention than others? If you look around, math and science are staples of education, while technology is integrated into many areas of student learning. But what about engineering? Engineering, the ‘E’ in STEM, is often overlooked, especially...

  • Encouraging Girls in STEM: How Your School Can Make A Difference

    The shortage of women in STEM careers and STEM fields has been well documented. Girls that enjoy STEM subjects in primary and elementary school grow into young women who may then go on to study STEM subjects in high school and a STEM-related degree at college or university. This provides a pathway to a career...

  • Why spatial intelligence is important and how to help develop it with 3D printing

    You've heard of intellectual intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) a measure of a person's reasoning and emotional ability, respectively. But are you familiar with spatial intelligence and its importance in education and learning? Spatial intelligence or spatial ability is the skill required to mentally manipulate 2D and 3D objects. So why should classroom teachers...

  • STEM, STEAM, STREAM… How 3D Design and Printing Supports Them All

    If you're wondering how to use 3D design and printing to support your STEM, STEAM or STREAM learning goals, Makers Empire has got your back. Why not try one of the following ideas in your K-8 classroom today? Science  The real world application of 3D printing in the sciences is perhaps the most revolutionary application of 3D technology. Scientists can...

  • How Makers Empire develops STEM skills using 3D printing

    Australia's National STEM School Education Strategy was announced in December 2015. In line with world wide attention to improving engagement and achievement in STEM based learning, the strategy details a comprehensive plan for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in Australia. The goals of the strategy are: 1.To ensure all students finish school with strong...