Encouraging Girls in STEM: How Your School Can Make A Difference

The shortage of women in STEM careers and STEM fields has been well documented.

Girls that enjoy STEM subjects in primary and elementary school grow into young women who may then go on to study STEM subjects in high school and a STEM-related degree at college or university. This provides a pathway to a career in a STEM-related field.

But without positive and early exposure to STEM, girls can miss out altogether on developing a rich and rewarding career in a STEM-related field. So getting girls interested in STEM at a young age is critical for solving this gender imbalance in STEM.

In this video, Makers Empire explores how social pressures and stereotyping combine to discourage women from a career in a STEM field. Featuring social trends and compelling statistics, this video illustrates the need to help girls to develop an interest in STEM in elementary and primary school to solve the current gender imbalance.

GIRLS IN STEM: The Makers Empire Approach

Interested in learning how your school can use Makers Empire to get more of your female students interested in STEM subjects? Check out our handy guide.


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