Girls in STEM: How to Encourage a Love of STEM Via 3D Design & Printing

The shortage of women in STEM careers and STEM fields has been well documented.

Girls that enjoy STEM grow into young women who may then go on to study STEM subjects in high school and a STEM-related degree at college or university. This provides a pathway to a career in a STEM-related field.

But without positive and early exposure to STEM, girls can miss out altogether on developing a rich and rewarding career in a STEM-related field. So getting girls interested in STEM at a young age is critical for solving this gender imbalance in STEM.

In this video, Makers Empire explores how social pressures and stereotyping combine to discourage women from a career in a STEM field. Featuring social trends and compelling statistics, this video illustrates the need to help girls to develop an interest in STEM in elementary and primary school to solve the current gender imbalance.

Teaching STEM with 3D design and Printing

3D printing learning presents unique opportunities for hands-on, project-based, STEAM-themed teaching and learning. It is an excellent way for students to explore STEM concepts as they also develop design thinking skills as well as essential learning skills such as collaboration, critical thinking and communication.

When you purchase a Makers Empire’s School Subscription your teachers gain access to Makers Empire’s library of 130+ lesson plans aligned to American Common Core standards and the Australian Curriculum, organised by grade, subject and theme. Check out our case studies and lesson ideas for teaching STEM.

“Before, my students were limited in their STEM applications and designs due to financial issues and materials available. Now each student is able to have an account for their designs and can work at their pace which is meeting them on their individual need. Through this, my after-school STEM club has gained interested to where students had to be put on a waiting list. Students have discussed participating in STEM clubs in middle school and high school as well as more interest in engineering type careers,”

Casey Corn, STEM Teacher, STEM Teacher
Chesnee Elementary School, USA

Why become a Makers Empire School?

Becoming a Makers Empire school has many advantages:

  • Professional Development for Teachers – Your school will receive ongoing professional development to ensure your teachers feel confident and well equipped to implement 3D design and printing to their teaching using effective pedagogies.
  • Customer Success Officer Support – You will be supported by a dedicated Makers Empire Customer Support Executive in the delivery of professional development training, curriculum implementation and community engagement.
  • Showcase Your Efforts via Case Studies, Teacher Interviews and Teacher Testimonials – Your school will have the opportunity to showcase your 3D design and printing achievements on the Makers Empire website and our global education community.
  • Opportunity for Teachers to Become Ambassadors – Your teachers will have the opportunity to join the Makers Empire Ambassador program.
  • Promotional Support – You will receive public relations and marketing support to promote your commitment to design thinking to your school and local community.

What Makers Empire Schools Do

  • STEM Curriculum – Teachers cover STEM standards and curriculum using Makers Empire’s library of 130+ lesson plans aligned to US Common Core standards, Next Generation Science standards and the Australian Curriculum
  • Increased Confidence to Teach STEM subjects – Teachers who have used Makers Empire reported increased levels of confidence in their ability to teach STEM subjects after using Makers Empire.
  • Age Appropriate Tools – Makers Empire was designed specifically for grade K-8 students. So even your youngest students can learn how to design in 3D in minutes.
  • Resources for Teachers – Teachers are encouraged to integrate design thinking, growth mindset, differentiated instruction and inquiry learning into their daily teaching in an intentional way with the support of Makers Empire’s resources.
  • Professional Development for Teachers – Through Makers Empire’s pioneering professional development and training, educators become confident teachers of design thinking, technologies and 3D design and printing.
  • Active Learning – The school promotes active learning communities that support sustainable school approaches to design thinking education for their students, staff and wider community.

The Makers Empire Difference for Students

  • More Girls Interested In STEM – Girls are engaged in STEM subjects and learn how to help people using Design Thinking skills.
  • Students As Creators – Students are positioned as creators, inventors, innovators and problem solvers.
  • 21st-Century Ready – Students are equipped with the skills, tools and resources they need to develop as resourceful and optimistic people.
  • Resilience – Students learn how to bounce back from setbacks and develop persistence as they work through the design process.
  • Collaboration – Through collaboration on their designs, students learn how to give constructive feedback to their peers and to also receive it.
  • Citizenship – By teaching them how to identify and solve problems, students can become useful and productive global members of society.

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