Australia’s National STEM School Education Strategy was announced in December 2015. In line with world wide attention to improving engagement and achievement in STEM based learning, the strategy details a comprehensive plan for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in Australia.

The goals of the strategy are:

1.To ensure all students finish school with strong foundational knowledge in STEM and related  skills.

2. To ensure that students are inspired to take on more challenging STEM subjects.

“Today’s students need to acquire core subject knowledge as well as the skills of collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving and STEM education has a crucial role in this”

At Makers Empire, we see 3D design and printing playing a key role in engaging and challenging students with STEM subject knowledge while developing these crucial 21st century skills.

Makers Empire has 100+ (and growing) hours of curriculum for K-8 classes – curriculum is aligned to the Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards and Australian Curriculum (esp. Technologies).

Here’s some of the examples we’ve seen recently.

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Mandi Dimitriadis, DipT. is an experienced classroom teacher who recognises the power of technology to enhance teaching and improve educational outcomes. Mandi has extensive experience with curriculum development and learning, having previously developed programs for the Australian Government’s Department of Education. She is passionate about Design Thinking and how best to prepare today’s students for the future.


Makers Empire: Better learning by design

Makers Empire helps K-8 teachers teach Design Thinking, STEM and 21st-century learning skills using 3D printing. Our pioneering 3D solutions for schools include 3D modelling software, over 150 lesson plans aligned with international standards and professional development. With Makers Empire, engaged students learn how to solve real-world problems and make their world better.