89% of Teachers Surveyed Say Makers Empire’s Assessment Tools Help Them Do Their Job Better

In 2018, Makers Empire introduced assessment tools in the Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard to help teachers monitor and assess their students’ designs created using Makers Empire’s 3D design app. 

Since then, these tools have been refined and expanded as we review feedback from teachers and iterate our tools to be as useful as they can be. Makers Empire regularly receives feedback from teachers with requests for new features or suggestions on how to improve existing ones. This feedback is invaluable to us and helps ensure our products and tools are genuinely meeting teachers’ needs. 

In 2021, a number of teachers using Makers Empire took part in a survey in the Teacher Dashboard designed to help us understand how teachers use our assessment tools. These were the results:

  • 89% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that the “built in assessment tools help them do their job better.”
  • 89% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that “it is easy to use the assessment tools.”
  • 89% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that the “built-in assessment tools will reduce the time they spend assessing student’s designs.”
  • 81% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that the “built-in assessment tools will help them improve their students’ understanding of the design and technology curriculum.”
  • 76% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed  that “it is easy to find and access the assessment tools.”
  • 65% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that “it is easy to keep up with their students’ progress in Makers Empire.”

Teachers were also asked about their current assessment practices and if they had any suggestions to improve our assessment tools. Their thoughtful suggestions will help drive the next round of iteration and changes to our assessment tools.

Matt Stuckey, Director of User Experience commented, “our goal is always to support teachers and to constantly improve Makers Empire in ways that meet and exceed their needs. Working closely with teachers and regularly receiving feedback is absolutely crucial to that process. It is super rewarding to see that the tools we are adding and tweaking are providing genuine value to teachers, which filters down to better learning experiences for students!”

Have a suggestion for us? Email your feedback to info@makersempire.com.

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