What to buy: a $99 or $5000 3D printer


Expensive: Cubicon Single 3D printer – has many of the latest features

The “tuned in” $99 Kickstarter printer (see this great review of the Tiko) is likely to be able to print quite good quality and a $1000 printer is likely to be able to achieve very similar quality to a $5000 printer (see our review of the Cubicon Single).

This is similar to a $30 Walmart paper printer – it can probably print close to the quality of a big $20,000 office Xerox printer.

The difference is durability. A $99 3D printer is unlikely to be suitable to the rigors of the school environment.

That being said, price does not equal performance. We have seen $1500 printers perform much better and be much more reliable and durable than $5000 printers.

To read more about our experiences, read our guide to the best 3D printers for American schools and best 3D printers for Australian schools. 


Tiko: One of the cheapest 3D printers available

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