2022 Report Card & Happy Holidays!

What a year it’s been! As this busy, eventful year draws to a close, we wanted to highlight some of 2022’s activities. 

Many thanks to our customers, partners, and community for your ongoing support and use of Makers Empire. Thank you for helping us empower more students, teachers, schools, and parents than ever before! A shoutout to the hard-working Makers Empire team, too, for all that they do. 

We wish all of you a joyful, relaxing, and safe holiday season. 

Makers Empire By the Numbers: 2022

New UniSA Research Study

In 2022, Makers Empire was delighted to learn that a UniSA research study revealed compelling evidence that using the Makers Empire 3D learning program can significantly improve primary school students’ spatial reasoning skills, whilst also improving student’s attitudes towards STEM and Design Thinking. 

Simon Leonard, Associate Professor of STEM Education at the University of South Australia says, “We’ve known for a while now that spatial thinking is one of the really important ingredients to success across the STEM disciplines, and that spatial reasoning is malleable — it can be improved. What we’re seeing in this research is some clear indications of how to design large-scale educational programs to support that improvement. Specifically, we’ve seen that the Makers Empire program that takes account of the emotional side of learning and builds self-efficacy is supporting significant cognitive improvement with respect to spatial thinking”. 

Over the course of the Makers Empire program, there was a significant increase in three spatial reasoning skills: spatial orientation, spatial visualisation and mental rotation. The Makers Empire program also appeared to improve students’ attitudes towards digital and design technologies, foster appreciation of the creativity involved in design thinking, and decrease anxiety students felt about STEM.  


Highlights of 2022

This year, Makers Empire also delivered a wide range of projects for different education partners. Here are a few highlights from a busy year that saw the Makers Empire team crisscrossing Australia and heading overseas once again to work with education departments, education ministries, corporate sponsors, foundations and trusts. Click on the image or title for more information about each project. 

Feedback from Teachers in 2022 Projects

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