Winners of the ‘Book Bulb’ Design Thinking Competition | 3D Design Competition

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For September’s ‘Book Bulb’ competition, and to celebrate International Literacy Day on September 8th, students were challenged to design a portable light that they could use to read in bed (or anywhere!).

Students from all over the world submitted over 9,000 entries for the ‘Book Bulb’ competition. We really enjoyed looking at all the entries although it was challenging picking the standout designs. Ultimately, we found the following designs exceptional, so without further ado, congratulations to the following winners and runners ups!

Winner: JoshuaFR from St Michaels College
Design: Fluoroscent / Neon Reading light

From the description: “It has a stand so that you can stand it up if you can’t use the clip. P.S maybe you should view it and look around in a few other spots….”

Runner Up 1: taavi08 (Tania) from Prospect Primary School
Design: Mega Desk Lamps

From the description: “Its classic, classy and boy does it have style!”

Runner Up 2: Elissa Shuken from Highbury Primary School
Design: Light

From the description: “My light is magnetic, waterproof, solar powered, adjustible, tells the time, changeable brigtness for the light and looks cool.”

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