Visual Arts Educators explore 3D printing with Makers Empire

Makers Empire recently had the pleasure of conducting a design and 3D printing workshop for leading Visual Arts Educators South Australia at their Winter Solice Conference.

The workshop was designed to introduce 3D printing with the Makers Empire Learning Program to the art teachers. You don’t need to learn CAD or have expert computer skills with Makers Empire, making it ideal for adult and children beginners alike.

As expected, the art teachers were able to race through the two-hour workshop designed for primary school students with time to spare, allowing more time for discussion about the learning outcomes achievable with 3D printing.


The friendly art teachers were introduced to various 3D printed objects, which included popular 3D printed gears and rings. These items which are also moveable, are 3D printed as-is, without the need for additional assembly.

Next up, the art educators explored the different modules in Makers Empire 3D design app – “Doodler”, “Blocker”, “Character” and then finally “Shaper.” The teachers also had the opportunity to examine an UP! Mini 3D printer in action.


Lap Leung from Makers Empire commented, “It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.”

“It was great to work with such passionate art educators on design and 3D printing. A special thank you Ruth Flaherty, Ian Corbett and the rest of the VAESA committee for inviting us to introduce design and 3D printing with Makers Empire, and Mark Kimber of the University of South Australia for the fantastic studio for the workshop.”

Makers Empire helps K-8 teachers teach Design Thinking, STEM and 21st-century learning skills using 3D printing. Our pioneering 3D solutions for schools include 3D modelling software, over 150 lesson plans aligned with international standards and professional development. With Makers Empire, engaged students learn how to solve real-world problems and make their world better.

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