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Teaching Special Needs Students

Discover how these teachers and special needs students are using Makers Empire in the classroom

Differentiated Instruction

Learn how every student with special needs can succeed at their own ability and pace

  • How an Educator Teaches Vision and Hearing Impaired Teens with Makers Empire 3D software

    Erin Barr has been teaching at the Montana School for the Deaf and the Blind (MSDB) for four years. She has taught every grade from kindergarten through to grade 12. Previously, she taught at a "one-room" schoolhouse teaching K-7 for three years and at a Hutterite Colony for one year teaching grades 6-8. She has also done...

  • 9 Ways Teachers Can Differentiate Design Tasks for Students

    At Makers Empire we believe that every child can change their world. Our dream is to empower every student with the tools, skills and creative confidence they need, to be able to tackle challenges head-on and develop creative, innovative solutions to problems. We know that teachers play a major role in helping students develop the...

  • How 3D printing supports differentiated instruction in the classroom

    Makers Empire’s Director of Learning Development, Mandi Dimitriadis, shares ways K-8 teachers can use 3D printing and design to support a differentiated approach to instruction.  One of the biggest challenges teachers face is being able to cater for the diverse range of abilities and learning needs students bring with them to the classroom.  Every student brings unique...


Teaching 21st Century Skills

How to teach 21st-Century Skills with Makers Empire

  • The Two Most Important Skills You Can Teach Your Students

    One of the most important issues facing the educators and parents of today is how to prepare students and children for the jobs of tomorrow. With entire industries being revolutionised and disrupted on what seems like a daily basis, the only thing that we know for certain is that the future will be more incredible...

  • The Power of Maker Pedagogy & 8 ways to Spot It and Embed It in the Classroom

    I am becoming increasingly convinced that maker pedagogy has the power to develop critical, creative and design thinking, and the creative confidence and self-belief our young people need to become innovators, problem-solvers and positive change makers. I can often be heard sprouting the virtues of constructionist learning theory. Occasionally, I am pulled up on this...

  • 7 benefits of using 3D printing technology in Education

    At Makers Empire, we help elementary, primary and middle school schools teach Design Thinking and make STEM subjects fun and engaging using 3D printing and design. Everday, we see first-hand the amazing things K-8 students can do when presented with an intuitive design interface and a supportive learning environment. So today we thought we'd share 7 benefits of using 3D...