How Makers Empire Supports Students with Varying Support Needs

Finding effective EdTech tools to help young Autistic students and students with varying support needs succeed in learning can be challenging. Makers Empire is an evidence-based solution to help students with varying support needs engage in learning and improve learning outcomes and performance. 

Impact on Learning Outcomes


91% of students with an intellectual disability displayed above average level of creativity and effort using Makers Empire


100% of students with an intellectual disability displayed significantly above average level of creativity and effort in their designs 


82% of students with an intellectual disability displayed significantly above average level of achievement in the quality of their work

“For kids that have special needs or are on ILPs (Individual Learning Plans), Makers Empire is perfect for them. For kids who have learning disabilities or who are cognitively delayed, who are several years behind, it works really well for those kids, too… 3D printing allows kids to be so creative and to think outside the box. They get into that Growth Mindset – this is what they have to do but how they get there is completely up to them. And the kids love that. I can’t tell you the number of pictures I have of kids with their hands in the air and they’re like ‘yes! I did this!’. These are kids that are struggling learners and they’re having such success with 3D printing.”
Robin McGinnis
STEM Leader, Mount Health School District

How Schools Support Students with Varying Support Needs

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My STEM class is a place where ALL students can participate and create. Makers Empire has helped level this playing field and create equality among my students.
Chris Burdman
STEM Teacher, Tynan Elementary School.

Differentiated Instruction for Students with Varying Support Needs

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“I can see its potential for unlocking that creative side and equalising learning for children with special needs. We’ve got a child in our Year 3 class who works at Foundation level with their special needs. They love Makers Empire and creating mazes. Some of it is a bit technical, but if you give this child a really structured, scaffolded direction, they can do anything. Their birdhouse was as good as, if not better than some of the other students.'”
Jane Edwards
STEM Leader and Classroom Teacher, St Thomas and St Patrick Schools