Makers Empire and 3D Printing Systems are delighted to announce the winner of our recent giveaway: South Kalgoorlie Primary School in Western Australia!

The school has won a Makers Empire 3D Starter Package, valued at $3,499, which  is ideal for schools getting started with 3D printing and design in the K-8 classroom.

The Makers Empire 3D Starter Package includes a year’s subscription to Makers Empire’s 3D Learning Program, which includes 3D software, professional development for teachers and 130+ curriculum-aligned lesson plans, an Up Mini 2, 3d printing filament, hardware training and support.

Speaking on behalf of the school, nominating teacher Nicole Pestell said,

“A focus for our school is working with students to prepare them with the variety of skills that they will need in the 21st Century. We have been looking at the benefits of 3D printers for a while, but hadn’t made the leap yet. Thanks to Maker’s Empire and 3D Printing Systems that is all about to change. To continue to make learning fun and tangible, students at South Kalgoorlie Primary School are looking forward to designing and creating their own exciting 3D models when our Up Mini 2 printer arrives.”

Congratulations to South Kalgoorlie Primary School! We look forward to hearing about your experiences with 3D printing in the classroom.

Makers Empire: Better learning by design

Want to learn how to integrate 3D printing and design thinking into your school or district? Makers Empire helps K-8 teachers teach STEAM/STEAM concepts, design thinking principles and 21st century learning skills using 3D printing. We work with thousands of K-8 teachers and hundreds of thousands of students in Australia, America, Asia and Europe. Check out our pioneering school products – Makers Empire 3D Learning Program and Makers Empire Learning by Design Course and help create a new generation of creators, makers and inventors like William!

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