Complimentary Professional Development for Pre-Service Teachers

Makers Empire helps teachers develop primary and middle school students’ creative confidence, Design Thinking skills and interest in STEM via a fun and easy to use 3D learning program.  2.6 million users in 50 countries use Makers Empire’s app. Founded in Adelaide, South Australia in 2014, Makers Empire creates market-leading, award-winning, curriculum-aligned and research-backed products for teachers and learners at school and home. 

Makers Empire offers pre-service teachers complimentary access to some of its professional development activities for teachers.


Join a Managed Pilot Program

A managed pilot with Makers Empire is designed to be delivered to teachers from different schools to deliver superior professional development and learning opportunities for teachers whilst providing them with a peer network for support and inspiration. Teachers in a managed school pilot will:

  • Understand how to use 3D technology to plan, teach and assess Design & Technology and Engineering curriculum for K-8 students.
  • Be supported to create meaningful and innovative learning programs that provide authentic opportunities to engage students in STEM and maker-based learning.
  • Complete an in-app Makers Empire Challenge Course aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as Oceans of Trash, Make A Difference or Natural Disasters.
  • Receive complimentary access to Makers Empire’s 3D Learning Program for the course of the pilot.
  • Learn how to manage 3D printing needs either on or off-site.

Attend Professional Development

Pre-service teachers may also be able to attend a professional development day (face-to-face or online) for teachers participating in: 

  • One of Makers Empire’s professional learning programs; or
  • One of our 2023/4 projects and learn how specific subject areas and learning outcomes can be achieved with Makers Empire.

2023/4 projects include: 

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