Offers for NCEC 2022 Attendees

Thank you for attending the National Catholic Education Conference on 4-7  September in Melbourne and stopping by the Makers Empire booth. 

Makers Empire is an Australian company focused on providing the best experience for Australian teachers and students. The Makers Empire program focuses on using design thinking to promote critical thinking and collaboration in young learners. We support ALL levels of primary education, including 5-year-olds all the way up to early secondary education. 

Makers Empire in Catholic Schools

Jane Edwards is a teacher of 30 years plus experience and a Makers Empire Ambassador. She has introduced Makers Empire to two Catholic schools –St Thomas School & Preschool and St Patrick’s School.

Makers Empire recently concluded a two-term professional development project for five Catholic primary schools in Sydney focused on STEM learning via 3D design and 3D printing with a showcase event.

Over terms two and three in 2021, six West Australian Catholic schools joined together to participate in a world-leading professional learning program for primary school teachers focused on curriculum-aligned STEM.

Makers Empire Design Curriculum

Based on, and aligned to international design and technology curricula, including the Australian Curriculum, the International Baccalaureate, Next Generation Science Standards (USA) and the National Curriculum (UK), the Makers Empire Design Curriculum describes the development of skills, knowledge and understandings across K-6. It aims to help students:

  • develop confidence as designers and problem solvers;
  • use design thinking processes to generate & communicate design ideas;
  • produce designed solutions suitable for a range of technologies contexts by selecting and manipulating a range of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment creatively, competently and safely; and managing processes;
  • evaluate processes and designed solutions and transfer knowledge and skills to new situations;
  • become competent users of 3D design and 3D printing;
  • develop spatial awareness; and
  • understand how technology is and can be used to develop designed solutions in real-world contexts and for a range of users.

Watch Makers Empire In Action in Catholic Schools

Makers Empire is best suited for grades K-8 students.

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The Makers Empire Program

Makers Empire works with many schools who already have a 3D printer, but are struggling to unlock the potential for both teachers and students. The Makers Empire program makes sure that technology doesn’t sit idle in the corner, but is being actively used by teachers and students to improve learning outcomes in the classroom.

Makers Empire consists of:

Makers Empire 3D Printer Package for Schools

Makers Empires is pleased to offer schools the Flashforge Adventurer 4, the best 3D printer for primary and middle schools. 

The Adventurer 4 creates higher quality prints with a print bed size that is four times bigger than the Makerbot Sketch for around the same price. Best of all, Makers Empire is located in Australia and provides top-level, responsive high-quality customer support, which includes hardware training and troubleshooting.

Our Adventurer 4 3D Printer Packages include:

  • An award-winning 3D printer(s) – the Flashforge Adventurer 4
  • Filament rolls, build plate and a spare nozzle
  • Online hardware training
  • Customer support (phone/online/in person) valued at $300

Save Up To 20% on Makers Empire Packages

Since Makers Empire is located in Australia, customer service is our top priority. Whether it is professional development around design thinking, hardware questions or curriculum ideas around integrating 3D design technology into the classroom, the Makers Empire team can provide quick responses to help. Don’t spend your valuable time looking through the internet for ideas when you can rely on us to do the hard leg work.


There are 2 main options with Makers Empire. 

  • Makers Empire package without 3D printer (annual subscription only); or 
  • Makers Empire package with 3D printer (one-off cost for 3D printer bundle and then an ongoing Makers Empire annual subscription).

30 students

100 students

250 students

500 students

>500 students

Makers Empire only





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Makers Empire + 1 printer bundle 

($300 for year 2+)

($699 for year 2+)

($999 for year 2+)

($1,599 for year 2+)

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Makers Empire + 2 printers bundle 

($300 for year 2+)

($699 for year 2+)

($999 for year 2+)

($1,599 for year 2+)

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Makers Empire + 3 printers bundle 

($300 for year 2+)

($699 for year 2+)3

($999 for year 2+)

($1,599 for year 2+)

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Keen to get started with Makers Empire at your school? Receive up to 20% off the usual price when you purchase a Makers Empire’s Subscription or Makers Empire 3D Printer Bundle with this discount code — EDUTECH22.

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