Introducing Makers Empire Biz-Kids course

Our new Biz-Kids course and MakeShop help teachers develop their students’ entrepreneurial spirit with fun challenges and real-world learning.

Plant the seed for future success

The benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset extend far beyond the business world. Entrepreneurs see problems as opportunities. They identify real needs and have the audacity to seek solutions. They test, they try and they fail, but they don’t give up.

This free course covers critical concepts such as:

  • Empathy and identifying user needs
  • The importance of user testing and feedback
  • Understanding and working with technical constraints
  • Marketing your product

Take learning to the next level with MakeShop

As part of the Biz-Kids course, you and your students have the option to try our MakeShop service and create a real online store to sell your exciting new products!

MakeShop allows your students to engage with cutting edge professional 3D printing technology, learn economics and marketing in a real-world context, and maybe even experience the thrill of a first sale!

You take care of the teaching, we’ll take care of the rest.

MakeShop FAQ

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Biz-Kids Learning Outcomes

Entrepreneurship requires a blend of skills. Makers Empire’s Biz-Kids course provides rich opportunities for meaningful cross-curricula learning with a fun, project based learning approach. Learning outcomes include:

Technologies – Design & Technologies

  • Apply design thinking processes to develop products for specific users
  • Meet success criteria and constraints of a design brief
  • Develop design skills using 3D technologies

HASS – Economics & Business

  • Describe entrepreneurial qualities that contribute to successful businesses.
  • Conduct basic market research to determine potential demand for a particular product.
  • Create a unique brand and business plan for promoting and selling a product.

Mathematics- Measurement and Geometry

  • Manipulate and transform 3D dimensional shapes.
  • Calculate measurements including length, perimeter, area, and volume.
  • Design 3D models that meet specific geometric specifications and measurements.

English: Literacy

  • Interpret, analyse, and evaluate informative texts.
  • Respond to texts using critical and creative thinking.
  • Craft persuasive texts that promote a call to action.

MakeShop FAQ

It is free for schools to set up an online shop.

Parents, carers and other members of your school community can purchase professional quality 3D prints of students’ work; the price varies according to the size and choice of materials. Most prints range between $10 and $100 (AUD).

MakeShop makes it super easy for schools to access cutting edge 3D printing technologies, and for their students to truly ‘take a product to market’.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Teachers register their interest for MakeShop.
  2. Makers Empire creates a MakeShop page for the school, e.g. “Smith St Primary School’s shop”.
  3. Teachers assign the Biz-Kids course, or their own project for their students.
  4. ┬áTeachers quickly check their students’ work and upload the designs to their MakeShop page.
  5. Teachers share a link with parents/carers which will take them straight to your MakeShop page.
  6. Parents/carers order prints, just like any other online shopping experience.
  7. Makers Empire double check the designs and send them to our manufacturing partners.
  8. MakeShop prints arrive at your school, professionally packaged and individually named, ready to send home and impress friends and family alike!

It is very easy for teachers to set up their school’s MakeShop page. Teachers just upload approved designs to their shop, and we’ll do the rest.

The price of 3D prints available through MakeShop varies depending on the size of the print and the choice of material, anywhere from $10 to over $100 AUD.

As an approximate guide; a 3D print the size of a key chain in biodegradable plastic would cost about $10, while the same design in stainless steel would cost $30 – $50 AUD.

Much like school photos, excursions, school camps and other additional activities organised through school, we are sensitive to the reality that not all families will want to, or be able to participate.

The most important consideration is that all students are able to participate in learning through the Biz-Kids course and the many other learning opportunities that Makers Empire provides.

We have included a variety of material options, including the most economical “biodegradable plastic (PLA)” which allows families to enjoy seeing their child’s work produced and delivered in a professional package, at significantly less cost than a metal or full colour print.

MakeShop orders will be packaged and shipped to the school, and again like school photos etc. we trust that teachers have their own systems to distribute orders to their students in an appropriate manner.

Yes, MakeShop online transactions are powered by Stripe.

It is the same payment system we use for our own online shop.