As part of Makers Empire’s ongoing efforts to improve our 3D printing learning program for K-8 schools, Makers Empire has just launched its new, searchable 3D Printing Lesson Plan library for its school customers.

The new 3D Printing Lesson Plan library features over 100+ hours of 3D printing lesson plans and is searchable by both grade level and subject. Lesson plans are created by highly experienced classroom teachers and aligned to the Australian and American curricula to ensure that learning goals are achieved.

Makers Empire will continue additional search function features over the next couple of months including Search by Language (i.e. English, Chinese and Korean) and Search by Collection (e.g. Product Design, Problem Solving, Animals, Houses and Buildings, Books and Films).

“The new, searchable 3D Printing Lesson Plan library in the Teacher’s Dashboard will make it easier for our teachers to find suitable lesson plans for their students,” said Jon Soong, CEO of Makers Empire.

“With over 100+ hours of 3D printing lesson plans already in the library, and two new plans added each week, teachers will always be able to find a suitable 3D printing lesson plan for their K-8 students.”

The Lesson Plan Library is included in Makers Empire’s 3D printing learning program for K-8 schools, which also include a school license of Makers Empire’s 3D software, a Teacher’s Dashboard, professional development for teachers and analytics.

School customers can access the 3D Printing Lesson Plan library after logging in to the Teacher’s Dashboard. Non-school customers can search and view previews of the lesson plans but they are not able to download them.

Makers Empire: Better learning by design

Makers Empire helps K-8 teachers teach STEM/STEAM concepts, design thinking principles and 21st-century learning skills using 3D printing. Our pioneering 3D solutions for schools — 3D Learning Program and Learning by Design Course — include 3D modeling software, over 100 curriculum-aligned lesson plans, and professional development. Makers Empire is used by thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students in Australia, the USA, Asia and Europe. Join our community today!

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